Why Advertise Online?

The Internet caters to an expanding market that shouldn't be neglected, and this technology has given businesses of all sizes more room to expand and develop. Businesses extend their advertising strategies using the internet because it undoubtedly reaches a large market that Tri-media once monopolized. When you advertise online, you are opening your business to a wide array of audiences, and of course, expansion. Your advertisement will be available for viewing online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a lengthy duration. You can't say the same for other media that are bursting with ads but often prove their costly rates unworthy.

Why should you advertise at WorkandLiveAbroad? is not only for people who want to work abroad but also to those who wish to migrate to other countries. provides useful articles to overseas workers and migrants to help them cope up with their new environment. can be utilized by anyone who wants to go abroad for either work or immigration.

Your ads will be strategically placed in the website for all visitors to see. has a specific target market. Thus, advertising with us does not merely mean advertising to a large faceless crowd but focusing on those who certainly need your service/product.

Advertising Options
  1. Banner Advertising
    • Banner advertising means you will be placed at a most visible area of the website where all visitors can see your ad instantly.
  2. Newsletter
    • Newsletters sent bi-weekly to subscribers would bring you closer to your market. Inclusion of your product and company's name is beneficial. Since they are not considered junk mail, subscribers will take time to read these newsletters.
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