Work and live abroad is a complete resource for those wanting to work abroad or live abroad. We provide overseas job openings, immigration information, legal advice and country guides.
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Work and Live Abroad ( is a web guide for anyone who wants to migrate or find work abroad. This website also aims to help employers and recruitment agencies advertise or post their job openings. This website does not only want to inform people but also create a community where each member will help out one another in realizing the overseas dream.

Work and Live Abroad can be essential to everyone as they go through application, recruitment, and eventually, deployment. Moreover, Work and Live Abroad can also be useful to anyone who would like to migrate and live in another country through immigration services, legal advice, news, and/or information. This will still be practical even as they have gone to their destinations as they would find tips in living abroad, adjusting in a new working environment and fiddling with a new culture.

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Work and Live Abroad provides both jobseekers and employers with the latest, relevant news and information. Jobseekers will be informed on what the current in-demand overseas jobs are, aside from the already posted overseas job openings found here. They will also know more about how to work abroad by knowing the necessary requirements, tips, and guides. Employers, on the other hand, can post their job openings for FREE.

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Work and Live Abroad gives you everything you need to know about living in another country. Anybody planning to live abroad must be equipped with the proper information about the country he/she would be living in. Whether itís for work or other reasons, Work and Live Abroad provides you with Country Guides and Travel Resources (Currency Converter, World Time, and World Weather) to make packing up and transferring to your second home easier.

Work and Live Abroad helps future and present migrants with the vital news and advisories from different countries. This website gives you Immigration Laws and Legal Advice from reputable immigration lawyers.