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Living and Working in United Arab Emirates
Oct 30, 2010
United Arab Emirates is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East. Being one of the strongest exporters of petroleum and oil in the world, UAE is a strong player in the world market.  more...
Top 50 Cities with Highest Cost of Living
Sep 7, 2010
One factor that expatriates consider when planning to move abroad is the cost of living in that country. The cost of living is based on the cost of the daily basic needs like shelter, food, health, and clothes.  more...
10 Most Expensive Cities in the World 2010
Jun 30, 2010
According to the survey commissioned by global human resources firm ECA International, it shows that the most expensive cities in are those who are in the most powerful countries world.  more...
Important Labor Rules in Kuwait for Expatriates
Jun 26, 2010
However, despite of its open status, all foreign employees must oblige with Kuwaitís Labor Law. Foreign employees and their employers who will not follow will be punished according to law.  more...
Top 10 Countries that Offers the Best Healthcare
May 18, 2010
Here are top 10 countries with best healthcare:  more...
Singapore Named Best Place for Asians Expats
Apr 2, 2010
Great infrastructures, high health care services low crime rates and better air quality makes Singapore as the best place for Asian expatriates.  more...
Visa Information: How to Obtain Residence Visa in Bahrain
Mar 12, 2010

There are two kinds of residence visa available in Bahrain, one is for employment and one is for residence only.

Best Countries for Retirees
Feb 26, 2010

Some people when they reached in late 40ís or 50ís want to move to another country for retirement. These people chose to spend their remaining lives in a different environment.


Most Beautiful Cities to Live in
Feb 23, 2010

Forbes travel recently revealed the list of best cities to live in terms of its scenic and vibrant beauty.


Fortune 100 Reveals Best Companies to Work in 2010
Feb 5, 2010

Fortune 100 reveals top companies to work in United States in 2010. These dream companies offers not only high salaries and offer to its workers but it also one of the top companies that remains on top despite of global recession.


The Best Destination in Europe for Travelers
Jan 21, 2010
Aside from the greatest historical, manmade and natural views, Europe is more known for its strong governance, disciplined people and best lifestyle that they offer to its citizen.  more...
Adjustment Tips for New Foreign Workers
Jan 14, 2010
New foreign workers suffer from adjustment dilemmas during their first few months in their new working environment, which is totally normal.  more...
Greatest Mistake of Unsuccessful Expatriates
Jan 7, 2010

The biggest mistake that left some expatriates with no choice but to return home is related to their mindset and feelings. It is moving abroad with a very idealistic perception and trying their best to fit into their new life as fast as they can.

Recession in Dubai May Affect Expatriates
Dec 3, 2009

Foreign workers or expatriates in United Arab Emirates (UAE) particularly in Dubai are worried about loosing their jobs or get salary reductions after reported news that Dubai is seeking a six-month moratorium on debt payment worth $60 billion which lead the city into financial crisis.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Which Offers a Better Life?
Nov 2, 2009
Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the seven reigning emirates of the rich country, United Arab Emirates. Both competitive in terms of economy, and both became home of bread and butter for foreign workers  more...
New Rule Amended To Help Foreign Workers in Bahrain
Aug 27, 2009

A new rule issued by the Bahrain government aims to stabilize the employment in the country and reach out the complaints of foreign workers regarding their employers.

New Sponsorship Law aims To Protect Expats in Qatar
Jul 13, 2009

Qatar has created a new law designed to protect its foreign residents and workers. The new Sponsorship law will replace the Law No.3 of 1963 and Law No.2 of 1984 which governs the exit permit and sponsorship.

Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai
Jun 26, 2009

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the seven reigning emirates of the rich country, United Arab Emirates. Both competitive in terms of economy, and both became home of bread and butter for foreign workers.

City Life in Doha, Qatar
Jun 19, 2009

Doha is the capital of one of the richest country in the Middle East, Qatar. Located in the Persian Gulf; Doha is the city where biggest oil and gas companies situated. It is also a home for expatriates; almost ľ of the city population were composed of immigrants from Philippines, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Donít Fall Prey on Investment Scams
Jun 1, 2009

Have you encountered certain group of people who do sweet-talking and offer you a very lucrative deal in investing money in a networking company or any business for that matter? Beware for it might be an Investment Scam.


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