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10 Reasons Why You Should Study in the Philippines
Nov 21, 2010
Philippines is the best country to learn English and to study different courses from business, medicine, communications and arts.  more...
Spread Your Wings In Singapore
Nov 13, 2010
Singapore is a hotspot on the radar of bright young professionals chasing new and exciting career opportunities.  more...
New Zealand Work Permit
Oct 23, 2010

Work Visa and Permit Policy is given to a migrant only on a temporary basis. It also indicates the duration of your stay in the country. New Zealand requires Work Visa and Permit Policy so that skilled migrants can contribute to the development of the industry and economy of the country.

Japan Recruits Foreign Tourists as Travel Advisors
Oct 20, 2010
Japan aims to improve and boost their one of the main source of their economy, tourism industry. The government will pay recruit dozens of foreigners to tour and experience Japan and later give advice on how to make the country more travel-friendly for foreigners.  more...
Hong Kong: Where East Meets West
Sep 24, 2010
Hong Kong is considered as one of the richest and most powerful centers in Asia and one of the two administrative regions of China.  more...
Top 50 Cities with Highest Cost of Living
Sep 7, 2010
One factor that expatriates consider when planning to move abroad is the cost of living in that country. The cost of living is based on the cost of the daily basic needs like shelter, food, health, and clothes.  more...
Migrating to New Zealand
Jul 18, 2010

There are many questions that are still in your mind after your visa has been approved but don’t be nervous, here some simple tips that may help you.

10 Most Expensive Cities in the World 2010
Jun 30, 2010
According to the survey commissioned by global human resources firm ECA International, it shows that the most expensive cities in are those who are in the most powerful countries world.  more...
Faster and Easier Scheme to Get a Philippine Visa Imposed
Jun 5, 2010
Foreign nationals who want to obtain a Philippine visa and other immigration documents need not to go to Manila anymore as the country’s Bureau of Immigration implement the agency’s visa-issuance-made-simple project in all subports and field offices.  more...
Top 10 Countries that Offers the Best Healthcare
May 18, 2010
Here are top 10 countries with best healthcare:  more...
Enroll at Summer Internship Study in China
Apr 24, 2010
Abroad China’s Summer Internship Program is open to all individuals from any country.  more...
Application for a Travel Visa to Vietnam
Apr 20, 2010
Application for a travel visa in Vietnam is processed in any Vietnam embassy in your country. Application does not take too long since Vietnam is not that strict with regards to visa applications.  more...
Living and Exploring Vietnam!
Apr 17, 2010
Vietnam emerges as one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. A window of hope far from its image during the gruesome World War II that makes Vietnam featured in any forms of Media all over the world.  more...
Top Paying Jobs in Singapore
Apr 13, 2010

Singapore is considered as one of the most powerful and richest country in the world. With a very stable economy and continuous modernization, no wonder why more and more expatriates choose to migrate in Singapore.

Singapore Named Best Place for Asians Expats
Apr 2, 2010
Great infrastructures, high health care services low crime rates and better air quality makes Singapore as the best place for Asian expatriates.  more...
Japan: Living in a High-End Country
Mar 30, 2010
Japan is one of the most traveled countries in the world. It is fused by modern technology and well preserved history and customs.  more...
How to get a Japanese Visa
Mar 23, 2010

A visa is different from landing permission. Landing permission is stamped in the passport by the immigration officers at the airport or seaport where he or she goes through immigration procedures. Landing permission serves as the legal basis of that the foreigner can stay in Japan. A visa is only a recommendation and does not automatically guarantee landing permission.

Malaysia My Second Home Program: How to Apply?
Mar 2, 2010
The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program is designed for foreign citizens who want to stay in Malaysia in a long-term basis on a multiple social visit pass.  more...
Best Countries for Retirees
Feb 26, 2010

Some people when they reached in late 40’s or 50’s want to move to another country for retirement. These people chose to spend their remaining lives in a different environment.


Most Beautiful Cities to Live in
Feb 23, 2010

Forbes travel recently revealed the list of best cities to live in terms of its scenic and vibrant beauty.



Total of 190 articles
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