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Live and Work in South Africa
Dec 11, 2010
South Africa is one of the most populous and largest countries in the African continent. It is also known for its diverse culture and languages as it is considered as a favorite country of expatriates.  more...
Top 50 Cities with Highest Cost of Living
Sep 7, 2010
One factor that expatriates consider when planning to move abroad is the cost of living in that country. The cost of living is based on the cost of the daily basic needs like shelter, food, health, and clothes.  more...
10 Most Expensive Cities in the World 2010
Jun 30, 2010
According to the survey commissioned by global human resources firm ECA International, it shows that the most expensive cities in are those who are in the most powerful countries world.  more...
Top 10 Countries that Offers the Best Healthcare
May 18, 2010
Here are top 10 countries with best healthcare:  more...
Singapore Named Best Place for Asians Expats
Apr 2, 2010
Great infrastructures, high health care services low crime rates and better air quality makes Singapore as the best place for Asian expatriates.  more...
Best Countries for Retirees
Feb 26, 2010

Some people when they reached in late 40’s or 50’s want to move to another country for retirement. These people chose to spend their remaining lives in a different environment.


Most Beautiful Cities to Live in
Feb 23, 2010

Forbes travel recently revealed the list of best cities to live in terms of its scenic and vibrant beauty.


Fortune 100 Reveals Best Companies to Work in 2010
Feb 5, 2010

Fortune 100 reveals top companies to work in United States in 2010. These dream companies offers not only high salaries and offer to its workers but it also one of the top companies that remains on top despite of global recession.


The Best Destination in Europe for Travelers
Jan 21, 2010
Aside from the greatest historical, manmade and natural views, Europe is more known for its strong governance, disciplined people and best lifestyle that they offer to its citizen.  more...
Adjustment Tips for New Foreign Workers
Jan 14, 2010
New foreign workers suffer from adjustment dilemmas during their first few months in their new working environment, which is totally normal.  more...
Cape Town: South Africa’s Best Destination for Expats
Jan 11, 2010

Noted as one of the best cities in the world, Cape Town, the capital of South Africa is the ideal place for people who want to live in a city fused with rich culture and modern lifestyle.

Greatest Mistake of Unsuccessful Expatriates
Jan 7, 2010

The biggest mistake that left some expatriates with no choice but to return home is related to their mindset and feelings. It is moving abroad with a very idealistic perception and trying their best to fit into their new life as fast as they can.

Luanda Voted as World’s Most Expensive City
Jun 22, 2009

Luanda, the capital of Angola is voted as the most expensive city in the world for expatriates and foreign workers, according to the latest Cost of Living survey conducted by the ECA International.

Be at Two Places at Once: Be a Euro-Commuter
Feb 1, 2009
A Euro-commuter is a person who travels in, around and between EU countries. These people often have employment in one country and hold residency in another.  more...
Expatriates and their Growing Children
Jan 15, 2009

Expatriate parents should also remember that a child’s experiences could greatly affect the way they develop. Issues must be resolved properly. Racial and ethnical problems may be difficult to avoid. That is why expat parents should talk to their kids constantly and help them adjust to their environment better.

Volunteer Opportunities in Africa
Dec 22, 2008

There is more to working and living abroad than just earning money. Contrary to popular belief, not all individuals leave their home country for monetary reasons. A sizable number also leave in order to give back. The passion for volunteering is steadily taking hold in the hearts of both young and professional individuals.

Johannesburg: One of the Best Cities for Expats
Nov 24, 2008

The Mercer Cost of Living Survey of this year identifies Johannesburg as one of the most affordable cities for immigrants. Out of the 143 countries included in the survey, Johannesburg was ranked at number 140.

How to Deal with Racism
Sep 29, 2008

Assert you rights. Assert you position. Let people know that you deserve to be where you are and that you are equals. Gently (but firmly) remind them that the color of your skin does not dictate your abilities. Nor does it give them a reason to treat you badly.

Scam Alert: Anti-Human Trafficking Law
Sep 19, 2008

The common mentality among Filipinos is that “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” It may be true, but it has led some Filipino job seekers to fall into the hands of Human Trafficking masterminds.

Adjustment Denied Due To Fake Documents
Sep 9, 2008

If an alien enters the U.S. with fraudulent documents and later gets married to a U.S. citizen, is he/she eligible for adjustment of status? A recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said no.


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