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The Best Destination in Europe for Travelers
Jan 21, 2010
Aside from the greatest historical, manmade and natural views, Europe is more known for its strong governance, disciplined people and best lifestyle that they offer to its citizen.  
Visit Panagbenga Festival 2010 in Baguio City, Philippines!
Jan 18, 2010

One of the most celebrated is the Panagbenga festival also known as the Flower or Fluvial festival in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.

How to Travel Light and Travel Smart
Dec 14, 2009
A few days before your departure, you might want to try some test walks. Pack your bag and make your way around the block. Visualize yourself climbing subway stairs or getting on and off a train unassisted. You'll probably go home and reduce the bag's contents by half.  
Take a Tour in China
Nov 30, 2009

China, the world’s most populated country, is currently experiencing a building boom like sucking up the world’s supply of steel. It will soon set a new record of claiming the world’s first fully sustainable city for their innovative architectural feats.

How to Avoid Travel Mishaps
Oct 19, 2009

Avoid having troubles once you landed on your foreign destination. One key to avoid having travel mishaps is preparation. Foreign workers, retirees and tourists often face this kind of problem once they stepped on to their destination.

Hoteliers Voted Japanese as the Best and French as Worst Tourists
Aug 7, 2009
Hoteliers voted French as the worst tourists among other 27 nationals because of their mean and frugal characteristics. Hoteliers also think that they are the least polite tourist.  
Avoid Travel Mishaps
Jun 5, 2009
Before you board on your plane to your foreign destination, make sure that you are 100% prepared. Do not just settle for the phrase “Come What May’, for you do not know what good or bad thing awaits you once you’ve arrived.  
What Every Non Citizen Should know before Traveling
Apr 11, 2009
If the resident who is subject to immigration inspection is determined to be inadmissible, that person may be denied admission and may be ordered removed from the U.S. A resident who is seeking admission at a port of entry generally must have in her possession, a valid and unexpired travel document.  
Homeland Security to be headed by Advocate of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Feb 4, 2009
Individuals seeking immigration into the U.S. on the basis of a financial investment currently find themselves in a climate unmatched in modern history. Many foreign currencies are now enjoying a very favorable exchange rate against the U.S. Dollar.  
Be at Two Places at Once: Be a Euro-Commuter
Feb 1, 2009
A Euro-commuter is a person who travels in, around and between EU countries. These people often have employment in one country and hold residency in another.  
Money to Use in Trips Abroad: Credit Card or Currency
Jan 2, 2009

The Solution to the Credit Card of Currency dilemma is to bring a little bit of both. You should not bring too much cash around with you. Nor should you take more credit cards that you actually need. Two or three internationally credit cards is enough.

Safe Travel with Children
Dec 8, 2008

Give your children instructions on what they should or shouldn’t do. Inform them to never talk to or accept anything from strangers. Have them call out ‘Stranger Danger’ when they feel threatened by somebody they don’t know.

Reminders for Safe Travel to America
Aug 26, 2008

Foreigners who are about to leave or enter United States of America (USA) are reminded that there are strict travel policies that they must follow to avoid hassles and embarrassment. Be reminded that a wise traveler is always aware of the immigration rules and travel advisory of any country they wish to visit.

Safeguarding Lawful Permanent Resident Status During Foreign Travel
Jul 25, 2008
After years of waiting to immigrate, a person who finally obtains lawful permanent residence may have family concerns or other business that either does not allow him to immediately enter the United States (US) or requires that he leave the US for an extended period of time.  
Start a Career as a Travel Writer
Jul 15, 2008
Plan Your Budget Vacation in France
May 16, 2008

Are you longing to roam the beautiful streets of France? Do you want to experience posh Parisian lifestyle and culture? Well you are definitely not alone. Many people want to visit France but are worried that it will take a toll on their budget as France is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Prohibited Items When Entering Singapore
Apr 25, 2008

Before taking your flight to Singapore, make sure that you do not have items that are prohibited when entering the country to avoid delay at the immigration. Foreigners who are planning to enter Singapore should avoid bringing porno magazines, gun-shaped lighters, and chewing tobacco.

Plan a Budget trip to Southeast Asia!
Mar 26, 2008
Almost everybody welcomes the idea of travel but is often discouraged by the thought that they need quite a large amount to finance their trip. The solution: plan a trip to Southeast Asia!  
Tighter Rules for Visitors in Britain
Dec 31, 2007
An announcement from the British Home Office revealed the proposal to implement stricter visa policies for visitors to Bahrain.  
Kuwait Visit Visa Update
Oct 22, 2007

Recently we gave you information on how to acquire visit visa, business and for relative in Kuwait as well as the requirements and penalty for overstaying visitors in the county. With this regard, we would like to give you an update on family visa, visit visa and visit visa to dependent or work visa:



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