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How to Work in Italy
Dec 21, 2010

For citizens of United Kingdom (UK) and other European Union (EU) countries who are thinking of working and living abroad, Italy is one good option where they can easily find employment. Italy automatically entitles work permit or special visa for citizens of EU-member countries.

How to become a nurse in the US
Dec 18, 2010

Nurses have been in-demand in the United States due to the increasing aging population. And because of this, more and more nurses are expected to retire on 2010. Aside from that, lesser and lesser youths in US are interested in taking up this field.

Working in Barcelona
Dec 4, 2010

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has experienced economic boom during the past years. It is very accessible in every city in Europe due to networks of road, rail, air and sea connections.


Spread Your Wings In Singapore
Nov 13, 2010
Singapore is a hotspot on the radar of bright young professionals chasing new and exciting career opportunities.  
How to be a Teacher in America
Oct 27, 2010

The United States of America is suffering a shortage in teacher. In the next five years, up to 40 percent of the current teachers are about to have their retirement. Over the next decade they might need some 2 million new elementary and high school teachers, or over 200,000 each year. This article will be of great help for those who want to teach in the USA, not only for the teachers but for all professionals who wants to have a career-switch.

New Zealand Work Permit
Oct 23, 2010

Work Visa and Permit Policy is given to a migrant only on a temporary basis. It also indicates the duration of your stay in the country. New Zealand requires Work Visa and Permit Policy so that skilled migrants can contribute to the development of the industry and economy of the country.

Work Opportunities for Expats in Norway
Jul 22, 2010

Expats from all corners of the globe have always been a part of the Norwegian workforce. Work Opportunities for Expats in Norway include jobs for structural engineers, IT specialists, English Teachers, College Professors, Medical and Health Workers, oil rig personnel and so much more.

Important Labor Rules in Kuwait for Expatriates
Jun 26, 2010
However, despite of its open status, all foreign employees must oblige with Kuwait’s Labor Law. Foreign employees and their employers who will not follow will be punished according to law.  
Working in Spain
Jun 23, 2010
Spain is one European nation that welcomes non-resident workers. To guide aspiring workers, the following is a brief overview of Spain’s employment rules for foreign workers  
Au Pair Program in Switzerland
Apr 30, 2010
Switzerland is one of the wealthiest country in the world and has low unemployment rate as compare to other European countries. Foreign workers from European Union (EU) member countries and non-EU are welcome to work and migrate in the country. Currently, Switzerland offers an Au Pair Program find out the complete guidelines in this article.  
Top Paying Jobs in Singapore
Apr 13, 2010

Singapore is considered as one of the most powerful and richest country in the world. With a very stable economy and continuous modernization, no wonder why more and more expatriates choose to migrate in Singapore.

Am I stuck with my Employer?
Feb 9, 2010

The recent February 2010 Visa Bulletin shows a somewhat modest advance in visa numbers for skilled and unskilled workers from last month.  Priority dates have reached September 22, 2002 for skilled workers, and June 1, 2001 for unskilled workers. 

Fortune 100 Reveals Best Companies to Work in 2010
Feb 5, 2010

Fortune 100 reveals top companies to work in United States in 2010. These dream companies offers not only high salaries and offer to its workers but it also one of the top companies that remains on top despite of global recession.


Federal Court Upholds K-2’s Right to Green Card Eligibility
Feb 2, 2010
To become a lawful permanent resident, the fiancée (or child of a fiancée) of a United States citizen must go through four steps.  First, the non-citizen must obtain a K visa through a visa petition filed by her United States citizen fiancée.   
New Zealand Warns Public about Immigration Scam
Jan 28, 2010

Most of the victims of this immigration scams are those from the Pacific region. The victims said that the said "recruiters" are asking certain amount of money for visa processing.

Adjustment Tips for New Foreign Workers
Jan 14, 2010
New foreign workers suffer from adjustment dilemmas during their first few months in their new working environment, which is totally normal.  
Comprehensive Immigration Reform to Take Center Stage Again
Jan 4, 2010
During his campaign, President Obama made a commitment to push for real, comprehensive immigration reform.  
Reliance of a Non-Attorney Can Hurt You
Dec 24, 2009
When someone needs legal assistance, he usually attempts to find an attorney.  Once he has decided to hire a particular attorney, he places all his trust in that lawyer.   
Work and Live in the World’s Most Powerful Cities
Dec 21, 2009

If you are a career-driven and very ambitious person and wants to live in a country where the most powerful people lives, then please read on.

Benefits of Working Abroad
Dec 7, 2009

For fresh college graduates in Canada who does not want to explore the corporate world yet, working abroad is an attractive endeavor. There are opportunities to work in many countries like Australia that offers Working Holidaymaker Program to foreigners.


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