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Jul 9, 2004
Nurses' Salary Rates
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Check and see how much nurses abroad are offered.


Note: The purpose of this article is for information only and not for recruitment.


Nurse's Salary Rates in the USA

Position Salary (US$)  
Perinatal Education Specialist 18 - 25.00/hr.
Nurse Care Manager 51,000 - 81,000/yr.  
Clinical Operations Director 75,000-95,000/yr.
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) 90,000-117,000/yr.  
Mental Health Nurse Specialist 39,500 - 64,000/yr.  
Nurse Clinician 36,000-61,000/yr.  
Public Health Nurse 32,000 – 46,000/yr.  
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) 39,500 – 64,000/yr.


Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) 46,000 - 72,000/yr.  
Nurse Practitioner 48,000 – 81,000/yr.  
Transplant Nurse Coordinator 39,500 – 60,500/yr.  
Breast care Clinician 39,500 –61,000/yr.  
Staff Development Instructor 19.00 – 26.00/hr.  
Nurse's Salary Rates in Ireland (Annual)
Position Salary (Euro € )
Post Registered Student Nurse 22,129
Student Midwife/Student Pediatric Nurse 25,799  
Staff Nurse(includes Registered MidWife & Registered Mental Handicap Nurse) 25,798  
Senior Staff Nurse 40,903  
Dual Qualified Nurse 29,181  
Senior Staff Nurse ( dual qualified) 40,903  
Clinical Nurse Manager 1 37,220  
Clinical Nurse Manager 2/ Clinical Nurse Specialist 40,188  
Clinical Nurse Manager 3 46,213  
Clinical Instructor 41,855  
Nurse Tutor 47,405  
Principal Nurse Tutor 49,683  
Student Public Health Nurse 26,893  
Public Health Nurse 39,366  
Assistant director of Public Health Nursing 46,216  
Director of Public Health Nursing 54,143  

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