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Jul 5, 2005
How to Combat Homesickness!
- Karen Grace Pascual Email this article

Yes, youíre just homesick. Armed with their passports, visas, luggage, etc, an overseas worker must bring a heavier arsenal in combating homesickness. Thereís nothing like waking up and realizing that its not your room, and youíre miles away from your country.


Here are some tips in overcoming those pangs of loneliness:


  • Find your countrymen. In case you were sent out alone, try to find out where most of the people from your hometown in that country hang out. Try surfing the Internet or asking around. Try the malls, or restaurants serving food from back home and even find some in churches. Of course, in making friends, be careful and choose wisely . Donít go out with co-workers you donít know very well.


  • Party. Once you have succeeded in finding those friends and chums, go to the parties. Like any other party, donít get yourself too wasted and donít drink and drive. Donít waste your hard earned money and spend just enough.


  • Stock up on your favorite Pinoy songs and buy CDs. Of course, pirated CDs are out of the question in case you might get in a tangle with the customs. Donít forget to bring videoke cds as well. You might as well drown your homesickness in belting out your favorite songs.


  • Kiss the cook Learn to cook your favorite meal and cook for friends.


  • Participate in any sports fest.  Sports not only builds camaraderie and character but also produces endorphins or the happy hormones.


  • The Photo Album Yes, as clichť as it may sound, bring pictures of your loved ones.


    If anything else fails, you have so many options of keeping in touch

    You can chat online with your loved ones or call them at home. You can e-mail them or write to them in snail mail. If you happen to have a cellphone abroad, you can text them or call them on their cellphones. There are more ways that you can beat homesickness. As an overseas worker, braving homesickness is a mark of your perseverance.


    Remember to whom all these efforts are for and think of them as your inspirations.

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