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Aug 18, 2003
Several countries restrict entry of OFWs
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Five countries have restricted the entry of Filipinos because of the severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS.

Taiwan requires new workers to submit a SARS-free certificate and a boarding permit from the Taiwan Economic Council Office. Returning workers are also required to submit a boarding permit but a SARS clearance is not required. All workers arriving in Taiwan will be subjected to 10-day quarantine.

Bahrain does not allow direct departure from the Philippines. Filipinos arriving in Bahrain will have to submit proof that he came from a SARS-free country and at least 10 days have passed since departure from the Philippines.

Workers going to Lebanon will have to submit a SARS-free certificate including a confirmed airline ticket, 1 x 1 picture and P100 fee. Workers are also required to submit to a medical and physical examination one day before departure.

Malaysia requires a SARS-free certificate, pre-departure screening at the airport, and 10 day quarantine upon arrival.

OFWs arriving in Saudi Arabia are required to submit an undertaking to apply the necessary health and preventive measures against SARS and 10 day quarantine.

The other countries, which have imposed a ban on Filipino workers, such as Libya, Kuwait and Turkey, have not issued any interim arrangement that would allow entry of OFWs to their country. Cyprus on the other hand, has stopped issuing working visas. Earlier, Singapore has withdrawn its decision not to allow the deployment of OFWs.

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