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Apr 12, 2005
How to Avoid Illegal Recruiters
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12 ways on how illegal recruiters operate:


1. Tourist Visa Scheme

    Workers leave the country as tourist but are actually leaving for employment abroad. 


2. Escort Services

    Workers are 'escorted' at the airport and seaport and allowed to leave even without the required travel documents.


3. Blind Ads

    Advertisement for overseas employment published in the dailies that do not indicate the name of the recruiters but provides a P.O. Box to which applications may be submitted


4. By Correspondence

   Applicants are encouraged to submit their requirements through mail together with a seemingly small fee.


5. Backdoor Exit

   Workers leave through the southern ports of exit where immigration control is lax. They usually leave on cargo ships or on boats.


6. Assumed Identity  

   Workers leave under another name either using the name of another worker or through the 'barkada' system or obtaining passposts through fake birth certificates and other documents. Minors are normally deployed throough this scheme.

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