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Aug 18, 2003
Hiring Filipino Workers through Licensed Recruitment Agencies
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Foreign private principals desiring to employ Filipino workers can course their manpower requests through licensed private recruiters or manning agents.

A prospective employer can choose a company from the official roster of Philippine licensed recruitment agencies and manning agencies to act as his agent. The list is available at this site or at the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Philippine Embassy/Consulate in your country. You can also write POEA for direct referral to these agencies. Accreditation After the employer has chosen a Philippine agency, the employer submits documents or credentials to the Philippine Embassy or to the POEA Accreditation Branch for authentication and accreditation. This process ascertains the existence of the company or project and manpower requirements.

An employer should be represented by only one agent. A principal in the shipping industry however is allowed a maximum of three manning agents.

For accreditation purposes, the employer should submit to his agent the following documents:

  • Private Employment Agencies
  • Special Power of Attorney/Service/Recruitment Agreement
  • Standard Employment Contract
  • Visa/Entry Requirements
  • Manpower Requirements
Manning Agencies
  • Authenticated Manning Agreement and Special Power of Attorney
  • Vessel and its particulars
  • Crew complement and proposed salary scale

Once approved, POEA issues an accreditation certificate to the local agent authorizing him to advertise, recruit and deploy Filipino workers on behalf of his accredited foreign employer/principal.

In certain countries, authentication and verification of documents are needed for the accreditation of a foreign employer/principal or project.

The Philippine Labor Attaché or by the appropriate official of the Philippine Embassy or authorized Philippine foreign representative in the absence of a Philippine mission verifies the documents at the jobsite.

Authentication of documents at the site of employment may be undertaken by the appropriate official of any of the designated Ministries/Offices of host countries.

Client Referral Assistance System

POEA, through its Marketing Branch, can assist a foreign employer locate agent through its referral system. Under the system, the POEA endorses the employer’s manpower requirements to reputable agencies who in turn submit proposals to the employer. The chosen local agent handles all recruitment activities, including advertisements on behalf of the employer.

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