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Nov 21, 2010
10 Reasons Why You Should Study in the Philippines
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There are thousands of foreign students enrolled in different universities in the Philippines. In Metro Manila alone, foreign students from different countries are notably recognized wearing their university uniforms chatting with their Filipino classmates and peers.


Philippines is the best country to learn English and to study different courses from business, medicine, communications and arts. The country has already produced international talents that are widely recognized abroad. Plus the fact that the country is one of the top English speakers in the world, as English is recognized as second official language.


Here are the 10 reasons why you should study in the Phil


  1. International Accredited Universities- Philippines is home of tope universities that has produced worlds caliber in different fields from medicine, science, business, politics and arts. University of the Philippines, University of Sto. Tomas, Ateneo De Manila University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines and De La Salle University are few top universities that offer foreign studies and have hundreds of foreign enrollees and studies every year.


  1. English as Official Language- Philippines is considered as one of the top English speaking countries and top English speaking country in Asia. English is its second official language and that schools use English as theor teaching command.


  1. Low cost of living- Foreign students can enjoy balancing their lifestyle while spending less money. In the Philippines, you can rent a dormitory or an apartment unit in just less than $50 or Php2,000 a month. Not to mention the less expense in food, clothing and leisure.


  1. Western-based Pattern of education- Education pattern and curriculum in the Philippines is westernize and modern. Since Filipinos are widely recognized in the medical field, more foreign students in the Philippines and taking Medicine, Nursing and other medical courses.


  1. Friendly Filipinos!- The Filipinos are natural born hospitable and friendly. That’s what Filipinos are loved for. You can meet a lot of new friends easily and they will tour you around without hearing complaints or aloofness. Filipinos treat you as part of the family, will invite you to come over their house to know you better. That way, you will not miss your country so much because you know you are loved in your new community.


  1. Education Programs- To attract more foreign students, the government created different education programs and university programs that aims to provide better education for foreign workers. One of these programs is the ‘Philippine ESL (English as a Second Language) Tour Program,’ in which the study of English forms part of a structured tour package. Studying English becomes more exciting and fun through dynamic and creative ways of learning where participants get to interact, practice, and use English more often in real-life settings thru games, outdoor activities, excursions, and immersions. Aside from learning the English language, participants get to see the beautiful sceneries of the Philippine countryside and immerse with the local culture.


  1. Protection, guaranteed!- Colleges and universities that has foreign students has more stricter protection for their foreign nationals students. 24 hour security and schools with CCTV cameras are installed around the campuses.


  1. Leisure, Culture, and Fun!- Filipinos are known for always being happy and fun loving. The Filipinos has adapted western culture over the years due to the presence of different nationals in the country. International-owned companies are in the country like restaurants, boutiques, resorts and private companies.


  1. Faster and Easy Visa Application- Unlike any other countries, the Philippines is much loose in terms of accepting foreign students since its aim is to provide better education and promote the education system of the country. For the visa process click here.


  1. Climate and Great Environment- Philippines is a paradise. Noted as one of the best tourist detinsation in world, the country is the best place to study. You can go to the beach anytime you want to relax after a long week of being at school. The climate is also endearing as Philippines only has wet and dry seasons.



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