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Sep 17, 2010
Study Program in France
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Schools in Europe are said to be one of the most prestigious schools in the world as Europe is known for producing world’s greatest leaders, businessmen and powerful people in their own rights.


If you are looking for universities in Europe that offers great academic courses for less, France is the best option for you.


France, compare to other European countries like Switzerland, UK and Germany is less expensive. The fee is said to be just a tenth of the fee that you have to pay in universities in UK, Switzerland and Germany.


How to Apply:


  1. Find a university and take an entrance exam. The university will be the one who will approve your application. Once that you’re approved, they will provide you some documents that you will use in applying for a student visa.
  2. Apply for a student visa in the nearest French embassy in your country.
  3. Upon arrival at France you will be assisted by your university regarding the things that you still need to comply with the government.
  4. You need to pass your school credentials and other proof that you are legitimate to study abroad.
  5. Most schools requires applicant to show bank documents as a proof that your parents/guardian are able to finance your study abroad.


Universities in France that Offers Study Programs:


·       The University Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III

·       The American University of Paris

·       INSA Lyon

·       Baruch College (City University of New York) & The European Center for Advanced International Studies

·       American University Center of Provence, Aix en Provence

·       Schiller International University


Application for Student Visa:


·       There are three kinds of student visas available in France. A short-stay visa that is valid for 3 months, a temporary long stay visa valid for 3-6 months and one-year visa that allows students to stay for more than 6 months to 1 year.

·       Latest and authenticated passport

·       Must fill out and completed visa application forms. Visa application forms are available in a France consulate in your country.

·       Proof of residential status

·       Medical Insurance

·       School credentials

·       And other documents that the consulate will ask you to submit upon your interview with them.


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