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Aug 24, 2010
Live and Work in Denmark
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Denmark is one of the prides of Europe as it is an epitome of a powerful country but still manage to create a simple atmosphere with its people. Foreign investors love Denmark as they consider the country as the most ideal country to invest in based in economy, low crime rate, big market, and supportive government.


Aside from being an ideal country for business, Denmark is most considered as the best place to live in especially for expatriates who are looking for greater venue to earn pasture. Denmark, unlike any other countries of the European Union is less strict in terms of approving expatriates living outside Europe.


Basic information about Denmark:


Capital: Copenhagen

Area: 43,098.31 km

Official Language: Danish

Demonym: Danish or Danes

Government: Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

                   Queen: Margrethe II

Population: 5,540,241

Currency: Danish Krone

Main religion: 80.9% are members of Danish National Church

GDP: US$313.825 billion


Nordic (Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) citizens are allowed to live, study and work in Denmark, so goes with EU citizens. They can stay longer without visa. However, if they wish to stay longer they still have to apply for a residential visa or permanent visa in the immigration office in Denmark.


Rules in Getting a Permanent Residence Visa:


In order to qualify for a permanent residence permit, an applicant must obtain at least 100 points, awarded by meeting certain requirements:


An applicant will be awarded 70 points in case he/she complies and completed these requirements:


·       Must live in Denmark for at least 4 years.

·       Not committed a serious crime.

·       Do not have overdue debts.

·       Do not received public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act (lov om aktiv socialpolitik) or the Integration Act (integrationsloven) for a period of three years prior to the date you submit your application, and until being given a ruling about your application. Read more about public assistance.

·       Must have submitted a signed declaration about integration and active citizenship, or indicated in some other manner that you agree to the contents of the declaration. Read more about the declaration on integration and active citizenship in Danish society.

  • Must have passed Prøve i Dansk 2 (Danish exam, level 2) or a Danish language test of an equivalent level or higher. Read more about Prøve i Dansk 2.
  • Must be presently working in Denmark with at least 2.5 to 3 years.

Applicants who served as an active member of a charitable organization will be given another 15 points while the other 15 points will be awarded if he/she passed the following integration related requirements:

·       Presently working in Denmark for more than 4 years.

·       Completed one of the following types of programmes at a Danish educational institution: a higher educational programme, professional bachelor’s degree, business academy, vocational upper secondary. Read more about education.

·       Completed and passed Prøve i Dansk 3 (Danish exam, level 3) or a Danish language test of an equivalent level or higher. Read more about Prøve i Dansk 3.

In case you fall short and failed to obtain 100 points, you can still apply for an extension of your temporary residence permit and apply for another permanent residence permit after a while. Fears is not




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