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Apr 2, 2010
Singapore Named Best Place for Asians Expats
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Great infrastructures, high health care services low crime rates and better air quality makes Singapore as the best place for Asian expatriates.

According to the survey conducted by ECA International, Singapore retained its number one spot leaving Sydney in closed second, due to the quality of life that it offers not only to its local citizen but also to foreign expatriates especially Asians.

The numbers of Asians moving out to either work or permanently reside in other country is noticeably increasing. These Asians mostly are from the Philippines.

The human resources consultancy added that other Asian cities also made the list. Three Japan cities also made the top list such as Kobe followed by Tokyo and Yokohama. Hong Kong was ranked 8th.

However, Beijing and New Delhi were at the bottom spot ranking 100th and 185th respectively due to poor air quality.

"Air pollution remains a significant problem in a number of Asian locations. New Delhi, Beijing and Hong Kong are amongst the worst locations studied in terms of air quality," ECA International said.

The ECA added, “Health facility provision is also a problem for many parts of the region.”

Other cities which topped the list are Copenhagen and Canberra.

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