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Mar 16, 2010
Application for Student Visa in Sweden
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Sweden offers one of the best educations in Europe. There are over 600 bachelor and masters degree offered by top colleges and universities who wants to complete their study in a foreign land. How to Apply: Before you process your application for a student visa, first you must apply and pass the requirements and examination given by your chosen university.


The university will later give you some documents that you will need for student visa application. The student visa application takes long for verification so applicants are advised to process their student visa upon receiving approval from the school.


Once you had your school credentials, you must proceed in the nearest Sweden embassy in your country. Further interview and personal background check will be done by a registered Swedish officer.


Here are the basic requirements needed (other documents needed were later announced by interviewer):


  • 2 recent 2x2 picture
  • 2 copies of the passport with validity date minimum of 6 months
  • Original and photocopy of acceptance letter from a Sweden university.
  • 2 copies of educational degrees (high school/ college) attested by the foreign ministry.
  • 1 original and copy of letter of confirmation from the sponsor of the studies.
  • 2 copies of bank statement for the last 6 months.


The banks account statements will serve as proof that the applicant has the financial capacity to pay for school fees. The bank statement must be stated in either US dollar, Euro, Swedish Kronor or UK Pound.


  • Health insurance for students who will study not more than 1 year. All documents must have authentication and will be meticulously reviewed by a Swedish officer. Successful applicants will have a temporary resident visa which lasts according to the span of the study program. However, applicants who violated Sweden laws or school laws will be punished or be deported back in their country.

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