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Feb 26, 2010
Best Countries for Retirees
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Some people when they reached in late 40's or 50's want to move to another country for retirement. These people chose to spend their remaining lives in a different environment.


Most of the retirees chose a country that is close to nature or has very nice scenic views while some would like to retire in a place where government and economic status is stable.


In recent feature of Forbes magazine, they noted 10 best countries to retire in terms of the quality of life that they offer to its people.


  1. Austria- Forbes rated Austria the best for retirees because of its best scenic place that is very ideal for retirees. It also offers the best healthcare in Europe. However, the magazine thought that Austria’s downside would be its no Mediterranean love of life and icy reserves.


  1. Thailand- Fusion of traditional and modern practices, Thailand is known for being one of the best places to visit in Asia. Forbes magazine said that one of the best things that retirees would benefit in Thailand aside from its natural beauty is the fact that health medication is cheaper in Thailand. Thai people also value health and still often practice the old methods of healing.


  1. Italy- Italians are known as food genius and passionate at almost everything, not to mention that it also has the perfect views and place for the hopeless romantics. Retirees who wants a place for soul searching and serenity may feel in love with Italy as this country has an unexplainable ambience that makes you want to fall in love all over and over again.


  1. Panama- Name as the happiest nation in the world, people of Panama are always happy and keep celebrating despite of other certain issues. Retirees will fell in love with the people of Panama as they are naturally warmth and jolly. The place is also perfect to unwind with its white-sand beach and tropical humidity.


  1. Mexico- The number of people retiring to Mexico is growing exponentially. Mexico, with its low cost of living and affordable flights allows retirees to afford to live the quality of life they deserve during their later years. Aside from low cost of living, Mexico is renowned for the friendliness of its people.


  1. Ireland- One of the cleanest and greenest nation in the world, Ireland is a favorite among retirees especially for those who loves to be close to nature. Ireland is also one of the best nations in Europe and with mush less cost of living compared to other European countries like France and England.  However, Forbes noted that the current economic issues in Ireland might affect the retirees.


  1. Australia- Australia is one of the most powerful countries in the world and the country with the best quality of life offer to its people. Healthcare and retirement benefits are what Australia is noted for by its people because the government has provided the best for them. The government also has allotted benefits for those who would like to retire or work in Australia.


  1. France- Although France is deemed as the most expensive nation to live in, it is also noted as the nation which has the friendliest policies towards expatriates. Contrary to some news that France is too expensive for retirees, there are cities in Frances that offers cheap accommodation and basic needs like Brittany, Normandy and the Dordogne.


  1. Malaysia- Malaysia is very ideal for those budget-conscious retirees because it offers one of the less expensive living in Asia. Accommodation, foods, and other leisure are quite cheaper in Malaysia. Nature is also close to the Malays. However, the only problem that retirees would be facing is the language barrier. Not all Malays can speak English well.


  1. Spain- Luxurious, Breathtaking, Magnificent is the three words that best describe Spain. Everything in Spain is a masterpiece. Some of the architectural buildings in Spain are a thousand years old and still well preserved.


  1. Canada- Canada has the most number of cities that offers the best quality of life. From Vancouver to Montreal, it scores the most number of votes among expatriates for being the best with benefits, medical care, pensions, and the environment itself. The only downside of Canada is the climate. Extreme winter has been recorded in Canada which is very dangerous for old people.



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