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Mar 12, 2010
Visa Information: How to Obtain Residence Visa in Bahrain
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Bahrain is one of the emerging countries in the Middle East and also considered as one of the best countries for expatriates who want to have a better career and living.


Bahrain is very ideal to work and live in. In fact, about ¾ of its population are foreign nationals and only ¼ comprises Bahrain nationals. Bahrain is just a small country but with big economy. In fact, it is considered as one of the richest country in the world.


Residence Visa


There are two kinds of residence visa available in Bahrain, one is for employment and one is for residence only.


  • For Employment:


The most common way to get a residence visa in Bahrain is to find an employer and work there. In order to live in Bahrain, one should obtain first a work permit. Living legally in Bahrain is part of the work permit issued by the government. To get a work permit, an applicant should seek an interested employer in Bahrain; the employer will be the one responsible in arranging your work permit.


Having the right to live in Bahrain is included in the work permit yet it is not for longer span of time. It expires upon the expiration of your work permit.


  • For Residence only:


For residence only meant that an applicant should reside in Bahrain but not entitled to work. In case the applicant would like to work in the future, he/she should apply for a job in Bahrain and get a work permit to be processed by the employer. In such case that an expatriate has a legal work and residence permit, he/she can now sponsor his/her family to live in Bahrain.


Requirements for Residence Visa


  • Original Passport (passport of other family members incase you’re applying for Family visa.
  • Application for
  • Employee sponsorship letter
  • Employment contract (recent)
  • Copy of Central Population Registry (CPR) card.
  • Recent passport picture
  • Copy of commercial registration.
  • Medical examination certificate (must be notarized by the Ministry of Health)
  • Sponsor card or sponsor’s commercial registration (for foreign employee)
  • CPR of the head of the family and resident card of family members




All fees needed to be paid are all in Bahrain dollar.


Resident visa fee- BD22

Renewal of residence visa- BD22

Family residence visa- BD52

Renewal of family residence visa- BD62








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