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Feb 5, 2010
Fortune 100 Reveals Best Companies to Work in 2010
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Working in a giant firm which has a stable profit, offers nice benefits and has a very conducive environment will most likely attribute big to your success.


Fortune 100 reveals top companies to work in United States in 2010. These dream companies offers not only high salaries and offer to its workers but it also one of the top companies that remains on top despite of global recession.


  1. SAS- World’s giant software provider firm has always been part of US’ top companies due to its best benefits that they offer to its employees. SAS has high quality child care at $410 a month, 90% coverage of the health care insurance premium, unlimited sick days, a medical center staffed by four physicians and 10 nurses (at no cost to employees), a free 66,000 sq. ft. fitness center and natatorium, a lending library and a summer cap for children.


  1. Edward Jones- World’s largest investment firm has successfully weathered global recession without closing its 12,615 offices worldwide or retrenching a single employee.


  1. Wegmans Food Markets- US’ one of the best supermarket has never had a layoff record in its 94-year history in fact, 11% of its employees have been working at Wegmans for over 15 years.


  1. Google- The largest IT Company in the world and the king of search engines, Google remains as one of the best companies in the world and most probably the most likable to work for amongst job hunters, despite of some problems occur last year. Google is now back on track as it plans to hire thousands of employees in its offices worldwide.


  1. Nugget Market- One of US top supermarket remains on top of the fortune list though tough economy has greatly affected Nugget’s market, the company have bounced back. The tough economy prompted the supermarket chain to help associates by giving them cards good for 10% discounts on $500 of groceries every month. At one employee-appreciation event, the executive team surprised everyone by washing the cars of all associates.


  1. DreamWorks Animation SKG- Animation movies scores a big hit in the box office in 2009 and predicted to dominates worldwide movie market in the coming years as 3-D movies are in. Upcoming movies in 2010 produced by DreamWorks are: How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek Forever After, and Megamind.


  1. Net App- Execs increased efforts to take care of employees during a tough year, including an employee stock-option exchange and updates to incentive compensation. Following a restructuring that led to a 5% reduction in the global workforce, severance terms were generous and top execs visited 26 offices in 13 countries to brief employees on the changes.


  1. Boston Consulting Group- This management consultant is tops in pay and benefits; new consultants are able to earn up to $184,000 (counting salary and all bonuses).


  1. Qualcomm- Wireless pioneer works hard to provide an environment where "good people can do their best work." Other benefits that Qualcomm offers to its employees are stock options on hire, baseball games, surfing lessons, kayaking tours, white-water rafting, bonfires, bowling, and volunteering opportunities.


  1. Camden Property Trust- After stock of apartment developer tanked from a high of $80 in 2006 to a low of $17 in 2009, founders Ric Campo and Keith Oden rallied workers across 13 states with messages such as "Turn off CNBC -- the moderators know less than you do about the way forward." By year’s end the stock had rebounded to $42.






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