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Feb 16, 2010
How to Obtain Work Permit in Thailand
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Recently, Thailand became popular among foreign teachers since the country announced its need of English teachers. The government of Thailand is very eager developed their curriculum and teach people the English language.


Aside from teaching jobs, other jobs in Thailand includes IT, telecommunication and engineering jobs, which companies owned and operated by mostly foreigners.


But before working in Thailand, a foreign employee must obtain first a work permit. Here’s how:


  • Applicants must have a non-immigrant visa in order to get a work permit which is worth 750 - 3,000 baht (depending on what the length of work)
  • Work permits are processed in the Labor Ministry of Thailand.
  • Work Permits issued is valid for 12 months and is renewable.
  • All working permits should be processed within 7 days.


To be eligible:


  • Must have worked in a company with registered capital of at least two million baht. One foreigner can be hired for every two million baht of capital
  • Must have worked in a company capital of at least two million baht. One foreigner can be hired for every two million baht of capital.
  • Must have worked in a company which has paid taxes of at least five million baht in the past three years. One foreigner can be hired for every five million baht in tax.
  • Serve export firms which bring in foreign currency of at least three million baht a year. One foreigner can be hired for every three million baht in income, up to a maximum of three foreigners.
  • Serve workplaces which employ no more than five foreign workers, where the firm observes a ratio of 50 Thai workers for every one foreigner.
  • Pay at least 18,000 baht in personal income tax in the past year.


Work permits rules:

  • Work permits should be renewed before it expires.
  • All foreign workers are required to pay 1,000 baht or more each year.
  • New worker in Thailand must present and signed a document from a potential employer which confirms that they should be paid 30,000 baht for singles and 45,000 baht for married.

However, the Employment Department head is empowered to issue or renew work permits without taking tax payments into account in exceptional categories, where the foreigners must be either:


  • International trade representatives who audit product quality, purchases and market status.
  • Foreigners who work in a Thai industry which is suffering from a crisis.
  • Foreigners who are married to a Thai citizen with a decent jobs.
  • Advisers in investment, management, technology or internal auditing.
  • Tourism workers bringing foreigners to Thailand for tours
  • Working at international financial institutes endorsed by the Bank of Thailand.
  • Working on a temporary basis for entertainment, religious, social welfare, cultural and sporting businesses which pay taxes to the state.
  • Working as a contractor on projects for state agencies or public enterprises
  • Working with local raw materials




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