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Jan 25, 2010
Canada: Expat’s Choice to Settle in
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There are millions of expatriates living in another country to work or to permanently reside. With this, multi-giant banking firm HSBC conducted a survey that would tell which country is the most preferred by expatriates.



Based on the survey, majority of the expatriates surveyed chosen Canada as the best country to work and settle in among the other 26 countries.



It is also revealed that most expats chose Canada because it offers the best accommodation and the second best choice in terms of setting up utilities, making friends, family life and doing hobbies.



The survey entitled “Expat Experience” is a segment of Expat Explorer Survey of HSBC.



Australia ranked second over all and named as the best for “organizing finance” merely due to the government’s program that aims to help those who are financially unstable and has suffered debts.



The other countries who made it on the top 10 are Thailand, Singapore, Bahrain, South Africa, France, the United States, Spain and Hong Kong.



Bahrain ranked first in four of the 23 criteria of the survey: organizing one’s health care, joining local community groups, working hours and social life.



Bahrain is a small country where there are more foreign workers than the actual population of its citizen. Though, Bahrain managed to made it on the top list since its one of the countries in the Middle East who has more lose policies for Non-Muslim workers.



Thailand on the other hand was noted as one of the best countries to “find somewhere to live” and in “making friends”. Thailand is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia.



“Expat Explorer’s Survey had 3,100 expats as respondents when it was administered from February to April 2009.



“It added that the survey had a sample size of 30 or more respondents from each of the 26 countries surveyed. The survey, however, did not indicate the nationalities of expat respondents, as well as their occupations in the host country and their immigration status,” said HSBC.




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