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Jan 21, 2010
The Best Destination in Europe for Travelers
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Millions of people from all over the globe visit Europe annually, from the great tower of Pisa in Italy to the Louvre in France. Aside from the greatest historical, manmade and natural views, Europe is more known for its strong governance, disciplined people and best lifestyle that they offer to its citizen. If you are planning to visit Europe, might as well take a note on what and where to visit first in Europe and make the trip a once in a lifetime experience!


First stop, France- One of the most visited countries in the world is France. It’s capital, Paris, is where famous masterpieces like sculpture, paintings, buildings created by the greatest artist of all time are located. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world where the latest trend is always shown during fashion week.

Best to visit are:

  • The Louvre Museum
  • Eifel Tower


Next stop, Italy- What first come to mind when you heard ‘Italian’? Mouthwatering food! Italians are known for being ‘food lover’ and great cooks. If you love to taste the world’s best delicacies, then try their different version of pasta and wine. Aside from food trips, you can do city-hopping in Milan where the old yet sophisticated infrastructures were still strongly built. Best to visit are:

  • Venice ( A very romantic place for lovers)
  • Florence
  • Tuscany


Third stop, England- Soccer fanatics usually visit Liverpool in England to see live games during World cup. The majestic feel in England gives tourists the sense of what it feels like living in the 1600-1800s where people live in a high monarchy. Best to visit:

  • Manchester Abbey
  • London
  • Harewood House, Leeds


Fourth stop, the Netherlands- Also known as Holland, Netherlands is a great place not only for tourist but also for expatriates who wants to move in a country where it offer a healthy living. Danish are very warm and polite, many tourist have said that more than the food, the tourist attraction, it’s its people that make their Netherland memorable. Best place in Netherland is in the Amsterdam. Bicycles are often used for transportation in Amsterdam. The government is very strict when it comes to the city’s cleanliness. Best to visit:

  • Stedelijk Museum, where the works of Picasso and Monet can be found.
  • Damrak


Fifth Stop, Spain- Who would not fall in love with the beauty of Spain? Not only that Spanish are good looking, there are also lots to see in Spain. There are lots to see in Barcelona such as its magnificent infrastructures that dated more than a thousand years old. The food is also eccentric and its romantic views perfect for honeymooners. Best to visit:

·         Sagrada Familia

·         Valencia

·         Costa Blanca


Sixth stop, Greece- The Greek gods and goddesses resting place is said to be Greece. In fact, some artifacts and structures are said to still visible up to this date, but as we all now gods and goddesses has no scientific explanation and remains a myth. However, its beauty and the magnificent ambience is a reality, and an experience that you will never forget. Aside from the scenic beauty, what tourists love about Greece is the part that seems no end and the cheerful and gracious acts of Greeks. Best to visit:

  • Athens
  • Santorini
  • Epidaurus


Last stop, Switzerland- If you want a very relaxing nature tripping or just want to taste the richest and sweetest chocolate in the world, then save the sweetest and the best destination for last, Switzerland. Switzerland is known for the three things that they are best at, chocolates, Swiss knives and Swiss watches. Aside from the goodies, the best in Switzerland is the country itself. Less pollution, best view of the Alps, green and red colors of nature and its climate. Best to visit:

  • The Mountain Alps
  • Bern
  • Zurich








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