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Jan 18, 2010
Visit Panagbenga Festival 2010 in Baguio City, Philippines!
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Philippines is known for being a country with most celebrated events which are also considered as highly anticipated by its local and tourists. One of the most celebrated is the Panagbenga festival also known as the Flower or Fluvial festival in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.



The Panagbenga festival is celebrated annually during February, where native of aguio harvests most of the best flowers in the world. Both local and foreign tourists gathered in the heart of Baguio to witnessed the colorful giant flower parades and experience different events during the month-long celebration.



Aside from the flower parade, different activities and series of events are also offered to all. In session road, the bussiest district in Baguio, locals gathered at night for the Midnight Market where all native and cool items are being sold in a cheaper price. Bars and night clubs also offers an all-night party for all.



Food festival is also held where all chefs and cooks in the city gathered to create a giant food serving that everyone can eat. Last year, organizers prepared a giant salad that is eventually shared by everyone who attended.



Another great thing about the Panagbenga is that the natives and tribes of Baguio also participate. They usually put on their native clothes and prepare a dance for everyone. This event is also the time for them to share their rituals and practices to all. The Igorots (natives of Baguio) are known for being sociable; they will share stories and even their culture to all tourist without hesitations. Tourists can also visit their preserved community dated, hundreds or thousands of years ago.



Aside from the fluvial parade, what tourists love about Baguio is its cool weather and scenic view. Baguio is located on a top hill mountain of Benguet which explains its cool weather and fresh vegetables and fruits.



Founded in 1995, Panagbenga continues to excite people with its colorful and magnificent parades and other activities that people enjoys.



Here’s what to watch for on Panagbenga Festival this February-March:


  • February 1 – Opening Parade
  • February 13 – Chinese New Year
  • February 12-14 – Legarda Rocks
  • February 14 – Fluvial Parade
  • February 14 – Camelot on the Lake
  • February 20 – Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom
  • February 20-22 – PMA Homecoming 2010
  • February 27 – Grand Panagbenga Street Parade
  • February 28 – Grand Float Parade
  • February 26-28 – Abanao Nights
  • Feb 1 – Mar 7 – Market Encounter
  • March 1-7 – Session Road in Bloom
  • March 6 – Pony Boys Day


For more information about the Panagbenga festival, click here.

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