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Jan 14, 2010
Adjustment Tips for New Foreign Workers
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New foreign workers suffer from adjustment dilemmas during their first few months in their new working environment, which is totally normal. However, it is not healthy anymore if your adjustments have taken so long and it’s starting to ruin your work. Being in a new country that is far from your own is really tough, but then, to become successful and have a good life for your and for your loved ones, taking risks and career move is sometimes needed.


To help you adjust in your new working environment, here are some tips to follow in order for you to redeem yourself faster:


  • Make friends- ‘No man is an island’, a famous line said. Go out and make friends with your co-workers or roommates. Your new friends would help you learn more about your new place and help you feel at ease. Indulging yourself in loneliness would just prolong your adjustment and it is not healthy. Your new friends will help you feel the sense of belongingness that you need.


  • Learn more about your new country- Make an effort to learn more about your new country by stories, books and basic facts about it. Learning their culture and language would also help you know and understand your new environment. You may also find similarities with your host country and your own country which will help your adjustment easier.


  • Take a trip- Invite your new friends to take you on a trip in your new country. Touring around your new place would help you understand more your new city and learn new things.


  • Focus on your work- The best thing that you can do is to work hard. Your focus should not be distracted. Positive thinking would also help you get going. As long as you keep your focus straight to your goal, you will succeed.


  • Have a trusted person to talk to- Having someone that will listen to your problems and give you advises will help you with your adjustments. It can be your bestfreind, significant other or a family member.


  • Do not call your loved ones from time to time- Talking to your family back home will keep you motivated, but talking to them three times a day would just make you down and would increase the longing more. Talking with them so often will just make your adjustment slower. Talk to them at leat two or three times a week, to hear encouragement and tell them how you feel.


Always keep your motivation burning at work especially that you’re in a foreign country. Never give up. Remember that adjustment to a new environment is really part of your dream to be successful so that you and your family will have a good life ahead.


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