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Jan 11, 2010
Cape Town: South Africa’s Best Destination for Expats
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Noted as one of the best cities in the world, Cape Town, the capital of South Africa is the ideal place for people who want to live in a city fused with rich culture and modern lifestyle.



Thousands of tourist flocked in Cape Town each year, all fell in love with its scenic beauty and friendly people. South African’s are known as one of the happiest people in the world and ones who always celebrate life, the reason why expats always feel very welcomed.



Cape Town is one of the most modernized city in Africa and most stabilized cities in South Africa. It is also considered as one of the cities in the world with high life expectancy rate because of its people healthy living.






South Africans are known for being happy people with much love with their culture and their families. Their love of their culture explains their strong connection with their traditions, practices and their festivities. They are known for being a happy people despite of he problems that they are into. Just like other people in Africa, South Africans are very protective and caring about their family. They also have tribes that they protect. However, in terms of rules, families in Cape Town are more open.






South Africa was once ruled by United Kingdom which explains English influences in the city. Just like English, South Africans are fond of playing soccer and loves to party. English is also predominantly spoken which is why tourists can communicate very well with the locals.



Old practices and traditions are still well preserved with Africans. Parts of their traditions are dancing, festivities, singing, competitions and other practices. Though most of the people in cape Town have embraced the modern ways of living, they still practice the tradition passed on by their ancestors.



South Africans love meaty-foods. Barbecue is always present during festivities. Also, South Africans loves music and use different musical instrument especially during their festivities or tribe/family gatherings.



Cape Town is known for its scenic beauty of white sand-beaches and islands. Recreational activities are very popular among its locals and tourist. Most tourists enjoy surfboarding, diving, snorkeling, and other fun water activities.



Most of South Africans in Cape Town are Christians. South Africa is probably the most open in religion compared to other African countries.






The Mediterranean breeze of Cape Town is the reason why more and more people fell in love with the city. Cost of living is not as expensive as other city in South Africa like Johannesburg and Pretoria. People can enjoy shopping at night markets and shopping malls; they can also go bar hopping at city’s major local bars. Natuire tripping is the most popular, from whale watching, water activities, mountain trekking and safaris.



Cape town is not only one of world’s top cities in terms of economics but also for giving the best experience to all expatriates who like to experience the South African love.



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