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Jan 7, 2010
Greatest Mistake of Unsuccessful Expatriates
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They say that learning from your own mistakes is being wise. However, learning it from others means you are wiser. So if you plan to move or settle down abroad, knowing the bad and good decisions that other expatriates did that positively or negatively affected their new life overseas is very important.


Some of the common reasons that unsuccessful expatriates give when asked about their failure are finances and the country. Either they have moved to a country that doesnít match their expectations or they discover that their new home is not suitable for their budget. It is also possible that they encountered difficulties because they were not able to put their finances in order before relocating.


It cannot be denied that reasons that are related to finances are one of the top reasons of an expatriate failure but it may come as a surprise to some people that the greatest mistake that an expatriate commit is not related to finances in any way.


The biggest mistake that left some expatriates with no choice but to return home is related to their mindset and feelings. It is moving abroad with a very idealistic perception and trying their best to fit into their new life as fast as they can.


This attitude is experienced even with expatiates who succeed overseas and almost every one who left their native home with a positive way of thinking. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a bright perception of what lies ahead but there is a big difference to the thinking of the ones who succeed from those who fail.


While those who succeed hopes for the best, their eyes are open to the reality that things will not be smooth sailing at first. On the other hand, expats who fail are so lost in the fantasy of their dreams that a little problem crippled them.


Those who succeed understand that it doesnít matter if they did not fit in initially but managed to adjust themselves gradually. While the unsuccessful try so hard to fit into their new surroundings that they are left exhausted and frustrated.


While the unsuccessful try so hard to curb the feeling of homesickness, those who succeed welcomes it because they know that it is part of the process and will eventually go away.


To avoid committing this greatest mistake, people who are planning of working and living in a foreign country should have an open mind and heart and an attitude that is open and eyes that see and understand the whole situation of. They should know that moving abroad may mean a better life for them but itís not something that will be given to them in a silver platter- its something they still have to work hard for so they should be ready to take the challenges.



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