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Dec 7, 2009
How Other Countries Celebrate Christmas
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Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year especially for Catholics and Christians who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.


It is also the high time to spend and share love to your loved ones by giving gifts and have a small gathering. Christmas is one of the most celebrated event by most countries, and if you want to experience something new this coming yuletide season, then check out how other countries celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.


  • Philippines- Most of the Filipino people is known for being sacred Catholic or Christians who believes in Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ. People create in all shapes and sizes “belen” (a miniature of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus with the 3 wise men) and “parol” or a star which symbolizes Christmas in the country. A family gathering is also present during Christmas; the head of the family prepares different meals while the children were busy unwrapping their gifts under the giant Christmas tree. On December 16 to 24, a mass during 4:00 am is also held, Filipino called it “Simbang-Gabi”. On Christmas day, children were dressed up to go to their respective godfathers and godmothers to collect gifts and give gifts as well. Indeed, if you want to feel a “real and very warmth Christmas”, Philippines is a top destination.


  • Norway- Most of the modern European children still believes in Santa Claus or Sinterklaas. Norway's traditional Christmas customs include Nisse, a gnome or an elf guarding animals. It is said in Norway that Nisse can have goat-like features (Christmas Buck, or Julebukk in Norwegian). Children get bowls of a certain type of porridge ready for him - if they don't, he will play tricks on them.


  • USA/Canada- If you want to experience white Christmas then why not visit Canada and USA for holidays? Roasted turkey is always present during Christmas day while children were busy checking out their Christmas sack which they hung under the mistletoe. But for most of the people in US and Canada, Christmas is a joyous celebration-which means a total party.


  • Netherlands- Christmas is celebrated for 2 days. On the eve of First Christmas Day, the Christmas tree may be lit for the first time, sometimes with real candles. People may attend church that evening, or on First Christmas Day morning. Families will gather together to eat dinner First Christmas Day at a candle-lit table that has been decorated with green, white and red trimmings. Venison, hare, goose or turkey are traditionally served as the main dish, with Kerstbrood (Christmas loaf), Kerstkrans (Christmas Ring) and different kinds of puddings as desserts. Christmas carols may be sung, the birth of Jesus narrated, or favorite Christmas tales read. Second Christmas Day is spent in leisurely activities, which may include attending plays or symphonies, or eating dinner out at a nice restaurant. School children receive 2 weeks vacation from school during this time.

  • Spain- The celebration in Spain begins on December 8, which is the feast of Immaculate Concepcion. Spain is known as a country of most Catholic believers which explains why Spanish people celebrate Christmas Day very solemn.


  • Germany- in Germany the celebration starts from 6th December, St. Nicholas Day, known here as "Nikolaustag". On the night of 5th December (St. Nicholas Eve) children put their shoe or boot outside the door, a tradition practiced in many other European countries. According to a German legend, the spirit of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, goes from house to house on this night carrying a book of sins in which all the actions of the year of all children are written. It is said that St. Nicholas fills the shoes of all good kids with delicious treats and places twigs in the shoes of all naughty children.


  • China- Though most of the Chinese are Buddhist, there are still thousands of people who celebrate Christmas. Chinese locals hung red lanterns on their windows to show love. They also create their own version of Christmas tree or what they call as “Tree of Light” which is decorated with paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns.

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