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Nov 16, 2009
Live and Work in Russia
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Russia Federation is the biggest country in the world in terms of land area and also considered as one of the powerful nation in terms of government and economy.


Russia’s big land population also means big career opportunity not only to its people but also to foreign who seeks for better jobs abroad.


Brief Information about Russia:


A federation type of government and currently governed by Vladimir Putin, Russia emerge as one of the most powerful country in the world. Moscow, the nation’s capital is also considered as one of the most populous cities among other countries.


The government of Russia is quite stricter especially when it comes to entering of foreign nationals who would want to migrate and work in the country. The main reason of this is that the country is meticulously watching its population.


If you wish to work and live in Russia, especially in Moscow, tighter your belt and be extra thrifty with your money for the cost of living is enormously higher than in some key cities in United States and Europe.


Migration and Work Policies in Russia:


The visa and passport are obtained through local Russian Embassy. However, if you want to obtain a work permit in Russia, make sure that you enter in legal way meaning your visa should be for work or for permanent residency and not a TOURIST VISA.


To get a visa either for work, permanent residence, tour and business transaction, there should be a host party (or a Russian citizen) who invited you to come to their country. The host party will be the one who will get you the permit.


For those who want to obtain a work visa, make sure to find an employer first before you go to Russia. The employer will be the one who will get you a work permit and will give it to you upon your arrival in the country.


Labor department in the Philippines recently advised its people not to work to Russia holding only a tourist visa. The Immigration department of Russia is very keen to illegal aliens in their country and initially deports those who are proven illegal foreign workers.


Opportunities in Russia:


Most of the job opportunities for foreign workers in Russia are in the construction and housekeeping industry.


In, most of the jobs vacancies for Filipino workers in Russia in construction industry are welders, engineers, foremen, technicians and electrician while in housekeeping, Russia needs nannies, house cleaners, chambermaids and babysitters.


Recently, all foreign workers are informed about the illegal jobs offered in Moscow, Russia by some “illegal employers” who promised jobs in the Russian Olympic Committee. The alleged employers advised foreign workers to enter via tourist visa. The authority has warned foreign workers that they might get the job, but will eventually lose it and get deported since using tourist visa for work purposes is extremely prohibited in Russia and in any country.



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