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Nov 9, 2009
Live and Work in World’s Most Prosperous Countries
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Wealth and the status of living is one of the criteria that a retiree or foreign worker looks for in a country to move in. People nowadays are very keen with the country to work or live in due to the global recession and left and right turmoil.


Legatum Institute, an independent organization which studies countries’ growth, policies, and living recently issued an index that lists the best countries in terms of freedom of expression, wealth, health and prosperity.


Based on the 2009 Legatum Prosperity Index, countries in the European Union remains the ideal country to live in. Finland was named the top country amongst the 104 countries which are home to the 90 percent of the world.


Dr. William Inboden, senior vice president of the Legatum Institute, said the lower rankings for Asian nations were largely due to their weak scores for democracy and personal freedoms.


"Many Asian nations have good economic fundamentals, but the Index tells us that true prosperity requires more than just money," Inboden said in a statement.


"Democratic institutions and personal freedom measures are letting some Asian nations down. Furthermore, countries which have low levels of economic stability, such as Cambodia, finish even further down in the overall rankings."


Cambodia came in the 93rd slot while China, with its tight political controls, came in 75th despite booming economic growth.


Along with Finland are fellow European countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Australia and Canada was on the top spot higher than USA (ranked 9) and UK (ranked 12)


Japan still tops among the Asian countries which is in top 16 while Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan still manage to be in top 20’s.


However, African countries are visibly on the lower bottom with Sudan at 103 and Zimbabwe in the 104 due to its poor growth in economy and quality of life.


Legatum Institute based the results according to their category, entrepreneurship and innovations, economic fundamentals, education, personal freedom, democratic institutions, health, social capital and safety and security.


The top 10 countries are:


1.      Finland

2.      Switzerland

3.      Sweden

4.      Denmark

5.      Norway

6.      Australia

7.      Canada

8.      the Netherlands

9.      USA

10.  New Zealand


The bottom 1o countries are:


95.   Kenya

96.   Algeria

97.   Tanzania

98.   Nigeria

99.   Pakistan

100.  Cameroon

101.  Central Afrian Republic

102.  Yemen

103.  Sudan

104.  Zimbabwe


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