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Nov 2, 2009
Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Which Offers a Better Life?
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Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the seven reigning emirates of the rich country, United Arab Emirates. Both competitive in terms of economy, and both became home of bread and butter for foreign workers.


As of 2005 there are an approximate 252,917 workers who live and work in UAE. Most foreign workers works in Dubai since the city is more established as a career hub for foreign workers. Abu Dhabi is not far behind, especially now that the city is moving well in terms of economy and opportunities.


If you are still in the midst of choosing between these two cities, might as well check the pros and cons of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.






Job Opportunities- Jobs in Dubai are still more in Oil and Constructions. Tourism is also part of Dubaiís wealth and thus jobs in Hotels and Restaurants are very much available. Local Hospitals in Dubai also starts hiring Filipino nurses with experience.


Working Hours- According to the Labor Code of UAE, the minimum work hours is 8 hours. However, one of the main concerns of foreign workers in Dubai is their working condition. Some employers forced them to work overtime without pay.

Environment- Dubai is all about wealth. Dubai is a modern city. The residential areas are very much accessible to the business districts where most companies are located.

Cost of Living- House rents in Dubai is enormous as well as the basic needs and so living with groups/friends is the best idea when moving in Dubai.

Population- There are more foreign workers in Dubai compared to Abu Dhabi. You feel more comfortable in Dubai since most of your co-workers are Filipinos.

Population- Dubai has a very dense population. Compared to other cities in UAE, Dubai became a hub for foreign workers.




Abu Dhabi




Job Opportunities- Abu Dhabiís economy moves better compared to Dubai. It has more jobs to offer especially in Oil and Construction companies. More jobs also open for IT and Hotel Industry, especially now that Abu Dhabi and UK has a very lucrative company deal. Compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is seen to top Dubai in years to come due to its growing tourism projects that will offer more jobs.


Women laborer- Women still struggle to work freely in Abu Dhabi. There are still employers who are strict in employing woman. Discrimination over women still takes place. There are also workers who feel suffers longer hours of work with no pay.

Cost of Living- Compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a cheaper cost of rent, taxes and basic needs.

Transportation- Most Abu Dhabi locals suffers a hard time taking public transportation.

Population- Abu Dhabi is less populated than Dubai.

Pollution- Since there are more oil and gas companies in Abu Dhabi, air and waste pollution is often a problem is the city.



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