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Oct 5, 2009
Guam: Living the Good Life
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Recently, two Guam senators announced that there are 20,000 job openings available for foreign workers in the country. With this report, many retirees and foreigners are planning to try their luck in Guam knowing that the country has offers in various industries like engineering, construction, information technology, hospitality and medical industry.


Guam is the largest among the island in the Marianas region. It is considered one of the territories owned and governed by the United States of America and one of the strong territories in terms of economy.


Living in Guam:

Guam is closest to the Philippines, about 25.5% of its people are Filipinos or who has Filipino blood. In fact, its current governor Felix Perez Camacho and lieutenant governor Michael Cruz are Filipinos. Other government officials in the territory are Filipinos as well. Only 34% of Guamís population are their native Chamorro and the remaining percentage comprise foreign nationals.


Guam was colonized by Spain way back 1600s which is why most of their values and tradition were quite similar with Spanish and Filipinos (Philippines was colonized by Spain as well). Chamorros also love dancing, celebrations, arts and festivities.


Guamís climate is almost the same in the Philippines. They both experience hot and wet seasons. There are two languages that are widely spoken in the country, the Chamorro and English.


Dollar is the currency in Guam and they get most of their income through tourism. The cost of living is lesser compared to other US territories like Puerto Rico and state like Hawaii.


Working in Guam:

The minimum wage in Guam is $5.85 per hour but it depends upon the field of work or the organization. Most of the jobs in Guam are related in tourism like working in hotels, restaurant and travel agencies.


Guam is not as strict in terms of accepting foreign workers compare to other US states and territories. The nation is open for foreign workers, in fact about 20,000 job openings were offered to foreign workers up to 2010.


About half of Guam citizens are foreign retirees or foreign workers from Asia and Europe.


Guamís future is bright especially in terms of innovation and tourism. Employment is expected to increase in Guam since a lot of foreign investors are eying the country for possible business development especially in tourism.


For those who want to work and live in Guam, application for work visa is available in US embassy.


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