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Sep 28, 2009
Hong Kong: Destination for Building Careers
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Hong Kong is one of the premiere destinations of expatriates or foreign workers who want to earn more by moving in another country. It is one of the emerging countries in Asia and abroad. Even considered as one of the smallest nation, Hong Kong became one of the destinations for work, tourism, business and settlement.


Hong Kong has a lot to offer especially in terms of building great careers. Most jobs vary from banking to information technology, engineering, pharmaceuticals to housekeeping.


Finding Careers in Hong Kong:


Most jobseekers in Hong Kong do not apply in traditional way of finding jobs on classified ads. Most jobs are posted on the internet, and most employers prefer direct application. Seeking through agency in your country is also good, just make sure that the agency is not bogus and they are offering real jobs abroad.


The Common Jobs:


Working in Information Technology or IT is the most common jobs in Hong Kong, and the most well paid. Jobs like programmer, IT specialist, graphic artist and computer engineer were the most common. The progress of Hong Kong’s tourism industry is also due to the growing hotels and amusement parks in the country where hospitality jobs are also in. Indonesian, Filipinos, Indians and other nationalities also apply as Domestic Helpers. Never underestimate DH for they are paid very well in Hong Kong with high respects.


Corporate jobs were also the most common like bankers, accountant, managers and other office works. Chinese are known for having skills and knowledge in businesses and so working in business corporations is a great deal with higher salaries.


Living in Hong Kong:


Hong Kong, despite of being an “urbanized” nation, manage to create a healthy environment.


Most people live in Victoria Harbor where most cheap and expensive apartments and condominiums are situated.


Hong Kong has superb medical facilities and offer health insurances for its people that they can be used for medical needs.


Cost of living in Hong Kong is quite the same compared to living in Singapore or UK, with lesser expenses. Most houses in Hong Kong are apartment or condo-type, pick wisely in choosing a home or rent in groups for lesser expenses. Most expats who are living and working in Hong Kong for years believes that the cost of living will depend on your lifestyle, if you know how to budget your income you’ll overcome. But if you are quite lavish, then expect money problems.


Corporate Language:


Cantonese and Mandarin are the most common tongue in Hong Kong, but as more foreigners emerge in the nation English is now widely spoken. Hong Kong people are educated and so speaking different languages are very common.


Although English is widely spoken, most employers require their foreign employees to learn even basic Mandarin or Cantonese especially for employees who often deal with clients.


Work Permit:


You can choose in either way: either look for direct employers, where they can process your work permit or check agencies that process employment abroad to help you get work permit.


You can also apply for work permit in the nearest Hong Kong embassy in your country. All details about employment in Hong Kong can also be obtained there.


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