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Sep 3, 2009
Countries to Live in According to Personality
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article

When moving in another country, most considered factors are the life expectancy, economy, employment and the country itself, how about personality?



We listed countries that can be considered according to the expatriate’s personality. Personality plays an important role when choosing a country to live in for you to get along with your new environment easy and to avoid culture barriers as well.



Here are the lists of country to live in according to your personality:



For happy people: Countries like Costa Rica, Denmark, Switzerland and Philippines are best options. People living there are happy and seem contended with what they have. Costa Rica recently named as the happiest country in the world why Denmark Philippines never missed to be part of the top list. Who wouldn’t love to live in a nation where all you see is happiness and contentment? So if you’re a happy person who wants to live in a free and festive community, then try to live in the three mentioned countries!



For ambitious people: If you are ambitious and want to live in a nation where business-minded and serious people lives then you can consider moving in European countries like France, Germany, Spain or Singapore and even in United States. People living there are very fast paced, their focus is their business! They are very determined and want things to get done on time.



For quiet and peaceful people: Of course, retirees want to live in place where there is no war, crisis and left and right turmoil going on.  Thailand was name as the land of the free for they managed to stay in good terms with their allies. Cambodia is also land of peace and serenity; Swiss people in Switzerland are very warm and quiet as well as towns in Japan where calmness is observed.



For party people: the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Australia, Spain, and UK are among countries which celebrate many festivities. The citizens in the mentioned countries are known for partying or enjoying life to the fullest.



For religious people: Depends on your faith, religious countries are Philippines, Rome, Italy, Spain (for Roman Catholics) Japan, China, Thailand, India (for Buddhist), Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Bahrain and other Middle East countries (for Muslims). Although there are still situations where discrimination over religion is reported, most nations nowadays are open minded and respectful with different faiths.



For adventurous people: If you’re an outdoor lad who always wants extreme sports or adventure then living in Australia and New Zealand is a good choice! Australia and New Zealand is a home of different extreme adventure such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, wake boarding, surfing, diving and other outdoor fun that you will surely enjoy.



Personality plays a vital factor in choosing a new country to migrate, remember that it would be easy for you to get along once you feel that you feel “belonged” to that country. It would be easy for you to adapt when the culture and personality of the country fits with whom and what you are.

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