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Aug 21, 2009
Singapore: World’s Most Business Friendly Nation
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Mainly because of Singapore’s very conducive business environment and government’s effort to stabilize the economy despite of the global financial depression, more foreign investors expands or create business in Singapore.


According to Geneva-based non-profit organization, World Economic Forum (WEF), which organize annual meetings between the world’s top leaders, Singapore was named as the world;s most business friendly nation.


More than 120 countries were evaluated by WEF through various angles and perspective including policies, institutions and business facilitations.


The report says, “Customs procedures are assessed as the least burdensome in the world, and time and cost for both import and export are among the lowest for all countries covered.”


Additionally, the country has been actively signing numerous Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), thus giving them access to many major business traders, and making it one of the most trade-dependent economies in the world at the moment.


Another Asian nation, Hong Kong was ranked second behind Singapore. The remaining countries in the top 10 were Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Finland, Austria and Netherlands.


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