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Aug 14, 2009
Singapore: The Best Country for Expatriates
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If you want to live in a country that is a combination of a living in leisure and a modern way, then consider moving in Singapore. Singapore is the best country for expats in terms of giving the best quality of life that any expats desire.


According to the 2008 Forbes list of best country for expatriates, the organization named Singapore as the best among other countries, even bested United States.


Singapore’s economy is one of the most stable along with fellow rich countries.

Employment in Singapore is also one of the best; they offer jobs for both local and foreign nationals.


If you want to live and work in Singapore, you must visit the country first for you to feel exactly how it is like living in the country.


Most expatriates who are now living in Singapore applied in their respective country which deployed manpower in Singapore or apply as a tourist. Tourists visa is valid for 3 months, well enough to find employer. In case you nailed a job in Singapore, your employer will give you an authorization that would help you get a working permit along with the temporary residence permit. For more information about how to migrate in Singapore, you may visit the nearest Singapore embassy in your country.


Singapore is one of the best countries that offer Information Technology that is why IT is included as the strongest sector. Most foreign nationals who opt to live in Singapore works in IT or Engineering companies. Aside from IT, medical and construction industry in Singapore offers great opportunities!


The only con of living in Singapore is the cost of living, from house rents to food to leisure. However, Singaporeans and foreigners says that living in Singapore will be based on how you would live your life. There are ways of how to budget expenses, f you are living in an expensive and extravagant ways then for sure your own cost of living would be very expensive.


If your health is your concern, then living in Singapore is a best option. Their medical facilities is considered as one of the best in world plus the fact that Singapore is a home for the bests pharmaceutical companies that produces effective medicines!


Most of the expats who chose to live in Singapore is very satisfied, no regrets at all. So if you want to spend the rest of your days is a country where all your needs is offered, then check out Singapore and you’ll experienced the best of both worlds!


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