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Aug 7, 2009
Hoteliers Voted Japanese as the Best and French as Worst Tourists
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Australiaís Travel Agency, Expedia unveil the result of their annual global survey of best tourist conducted to 4,500 hoteliers around. The result shows that Japanese were the best and French were the worst tourists.


Hoteliers voted French as the worst tourists among other 27 nationals because of their mean and frugal characteristics. Hoteliers also think that they are the least polite tourist. However, French are voted as top three among best dressed nationals.


On the other hand, Japanese were voted as the best tourist because of their friendly and warm personality. They are also voted as the quietest, polite, cleanest and least likely to complain.  


Australians ranked sixth among the 27 nationalities, but included as one of the loudest nationals.


Americans are found at the 11th spot, hoteliers say that what they donít like with the Americans are their rudeness and impolite character.


The top 10 list of best to the worst tourist among 4,500 hoteliers are:


     1. Japanese

     2. British

     3. Canadians

     4. Germans

     5. Swiss

     6. Dutch

6 Australians

8 Swedish

8 Americans

10 Danes

10 Norwegians

10 Finnish

10 Belgians

14 Austrian

14 New Zealanders

16 Thais

17 Portuguese

17 Czechs

19 Italians

19 Irish

22 Polish

22 South Africans

24 Turkish

24 Greeks

26 Spanish

27 French


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