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Jul 31, 2009
Experience Happy Living in Costa Rica!
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Are you looking for a country where stress does not normally exist? Then prepare your passport and move in to the country where happy people lives, Costa Rica.



Costa Rica is located in Central America. One of the most visited tourist destination in the world and now being transformed to be a place for retirees. Although Spanish remains as the official language in the country, English is well understand and used since there are many Americans settlers here.



If you are tired of living in a four seasoned country, then Costa Rica is definitely a paradise. This Latin country has only two season, the dry and wet that most people enjoy.



Costa Rica is not a third world country; its economy is very stable compared to other Latin American nations. The medical facilities of Costa Rica is also one of the best among other countries in the Latin America, they provide the best health care treatment to its people.



One thing that others admire about this country is the freedom. Costa Rica has no ARMY, the country has no enemies, and the people here are very disciplined noting its low crime rate.



Obtaining Residence Permit:



Before you decide to move in Costa Rica, you can travel the country and stay up to three months so that you have the time to experience what is like living the country.



Migratory Categories (Those who can live or stay in Costa Rica):

  • Immigrants
  • Retirees
  • Rentist
  • Foreign relative of a Costa Rican citizen


Temporary Residents:

  • Foreign Workers (those who hold working visa)
  • Students


You may visit Costa Rican embassy in your present country to help you process your application for residency.



The cons in living in Costa Rica is said to be the high cost of living in the country and that getting a job here is not as easy to get. The government prioritize their citizen first when it comes to employment, however, if you are well qualified and that the employer can prove that no Costa Rican can do the job, the employer can process your application and give you 1 year (renewable) work visa. Costa Ricans says that the cost of living will also depend on your lifestyle, though the prices of basic needs here is a little pricey, it will still depend on your practicality.



Costa Rica was just voted as the Happiest Nation according to the New Economic Fundís annual survey. Costa Rican are said to be happy and satisfied with their life because of the quality of life that country offers. Consider living in Costa Rica, the new paradise for Expats!

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