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Aug 3, 2009
France and Britain Agrees To Control Entry Of Illegal Immigrants
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To control the illegal entry of immigrants crossing from northern France, Great Britain and France takes action by signing an accord last July 06.

Most illegal immigrants are from Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea. With the help of traffickers, they make nightly attempt to secretly board trucks that cross the channel by ferry boats.

Almost 2,000 illegal immigrants are gathered in the northern coastal region around Calais, France waiting to try crossing the Channel to Britain with some in an informal tent city known as “The Jungle”, French authority reports.

Britain says that they will shoulder a greater share of the cost of handling the problem. The government says that aside from purchasing new detection equipment and paying for staff cost, France and Britain will set up new joint information center.

"All the costs of new investment, maintenance and operations, including the salaries of staff operating the detection equipment will be taken over by the British side," Immigration Minister Eric Besson said in a statement.

The two countries signed an agreement after French complain that Britain seems take the problem for granted. They say that it seems that Britain does not do something to shoulder its share of the cost of handling illegal immigration.

The two countries also agreed to separate “The Jungle” and to toughen border control policies and set up a humanitarian reception center for asylum seekers with free shower and food.

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