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Jul 20, 2009
Ireland: New Destination for Expats
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Ireland is part of the European Union and is considered as one of the best country in Europe. It is a country where modern and old tradition collides. It is the country that provides good living in terms of providing education, jobs, and good lifestyle to its people.


Many foreign workers flew to Ireland to start a new living. Most of them are Britons and fellow European, but due to the good condition of the country, people from US and Asia are considering in migrating in Ireland.


Living in Ireland


If you wish to live in a country where you can breathe fresh air and have a normal and easy life, then Ireland is a good option. People here are disciplined especially in keeping their environment clean as possible.


However, Ireland is one of the countries in EU that has a high cost of living. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is considered one of the expensive cities in Europe.


For EU citizens:

EU citizens can live and work in Ireland for as long as they want.


For Non EU members:

Non EU citizens are allowed to live in Ireland for three months, but they are obliged to get a work permit if they wish to stay longer in the country. Work permits are renewable, and if you have stayed for five years, you can now apply for residence visa.


Working in Ireland


Ireland is one of the most stable country I the world in terms of economy. Ireland is a haven for different industries. IT giants like Microsoft and Apple has established a good firm in the country. Asians, particularly Filipino nurses and doctors flocked to Ireland because of its good job offers in the medical care unit.


For EU citizens:


EU citizens, or countries that is part of the European Union, you are free to live and work in Ireland.


For Non EU Citizens:


To work in Ireland you need to process an work visa and permit to the nearest Ireland embassy in your country. Ireland is open for foreign workers, however, there are industries where in you cannot get a work visa, these are:


Clerical and Administrative, General Operatives and Labourers, Operator and Production, retail sales, sales representatives, drivers excluding HGV, Nursery or Crèche Workers, Child Minders and Nannies, Hotel, Tourism and Catering staff except chefs, Bookbinders, Bricklayers, Cabinet Makers, Carpenters and Joiners, Carton Makers, Fitters, Electricians, Instrumentation Craftspersons,Tilers, Mechanics for Heavy Vehicles, Instrumentation Crafts persons, Metal Fabricators, Motor Mechanics, Painters And Decorators, Plumbers, Printers, Refrigeration Engineer, Sheet Metal Workers, Tool Makers, Vehicle Body Repairers, Wood Machinists, Plasterers and Welders.


For jobs or industries that are not included above, you or your employer can process your application. Applicants can work for two years and is renewable up to three years.


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