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Jul 13, 2009
New Sponsorship Law aims To Protect Expats in Qatar
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article

Qatar has created a new law designed to protect its foreign residents and workers. The new Sponsorship law will replace the Law No.3 of 1963 and Law No.2 of 1984 which governs the exit permit and sponsorship.


The Secretary General of National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), Simaikh Al Merri, says that that the new law that covers sponsorship and residency of expatriates would be issued shortly.


The new law mainly covers the labor and human rights of each foreign worker. Under the law, Qatar’s Ministry of Labor or Ministry of Interior allows foreign workers to transfer to other employers if he/she suffers from maltreatment.


The law also gives NHRC the power to surprise visit business establishments to conduct investigation or to just simply observe the place.


"The workers rights and the employer-worker relationship is the main concern of the committee. Numerous complaints have been received by the committee, most of which are related to labor, and this is a major challenge faced by Qatar currently, due to its dependence on foreign workforce," Sec. Al Merri explained


NHRC often receive complaints from foreign workers and Qataris regarding their work and how their superiors treat them. The committee receives complaints from Qataris pertaining to housing for people with special needs, orphans, widows, divorcees and economically backward section. There also complaints with labor and workforce.


However, NHRC often receives complaints with foreign workers; most are related to their work. By the power of the new law, NHRC believes that cases with work problems will be solved.


Sec. Al Marri pointed out that they are not taking sides between Qataris and expatriates; all they want is to protect each right and try to solve existing circumstances.

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