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Jun 15, 2009
Vancouver Voted As Easiest City To Live In
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article

Based on the recent livability poll conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Vancouver, Canada hailed as the easiest city to live in amongst hundreds cities of the world.


Vancouver scores 98 percent, in ratings ranging from zero (intolerable) to 100 percent. While Harare, Zimbabwe voted as the worst city which only scores 37.5 percent.


Authors of the survey explained that Vancouver scores high due the strong Canadian Infrastructure while Harare remains at the bottom due to the unfolding crisis in Zimbabwe.


Canadian and Australian cities top the lists while most cities in Africa and Asia were listed at the bottom.


 ďAt the other end of the ranking, most of the poorest-performing locations are in Africa or Asia, where civil instability and poor infrastructure present significant challenges," said the survey's authors.


"With the exception of high scores in Australasia and some Asian countries, most of the better-scoring locations are based in the more developed regions of western Europe and North America," said the study.


Other cities on the top list are Vienna in the second place followed by Melbourne, Toronto, Perth, Calgary, Helsinki and Geneva, with Sydney and Zurich in joint ninth spot. Osaka was not part of the Top 10 this year, which down to 13th spot and Tokyo which tied with Frankfurt at number 19.


Other European cities who still manage to be on the top lists, giving lavish lifestyle to its people are Stockholm and Hamburg in 14th place, Paris in 17th spot, Copenhagen in 21st followed by Berlin on 22nd spot.


US cities noticeably not on the top spots position, still due to the economic recession felt by most states. However, some US states still manage to dominate the 30th to 50th positions. Washington DC was in 35th place while Los Angeles left behind in 48th spot. This was followed by EU members, London in 51st and Athens, the lowest Among Western European Cities in 63rd Spot with just 81.2%


Any city with a score above 80 percent "will have few, if any, challenges to living standards," said the survey.


Lower down the orders come Moscow in 69th spot, Beijing in 76th, Johannesburg on joint 92nd with Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and Bangkok in 100th place.


Among the bottom 100ís mostly came from Asia and Africa. Manila is in 108th, New Delhi and Cairo shares 114th spot, Mumbai in 120th, Nairobi in 122nd and Lusaka 126th spot.


Cities that scores bellow 50 percent says "present daily challenges to living standards" according to the authors, include Tehran in 129th place, Karachi, Pakistan in 135th and Lagos in 136th.


And the three least easy to settle in are Algiers, Dhaka and Harare. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe had already called a meeting with its leader about the economic meltdown felt in the country.


EUI sets 5 criteria to support the study which are health-care, stability, culture and environment, and education and infrastructure.



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