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Jun 8, 2009
Muslims Face Discrimination in Europe
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article



Discrimination due to opposite beliefs and ethnicity are one of the major factors why Muslims often faced rejections and alienations in Europe, according to the 10% Muslims in Europe.


According to the survey by EU based Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), a very alarming 31% of Muslims in the European Union feel discriminated according to the 23,500 members of ethnic Muslim minorities and migrant communities.


The said report was very alarming and the Muslim community is seeking the attention of EU members to increase the awareness about the Muslims community and to offer more help to those Muslim who faced discriminatory acts.


The survey covers 14 European countries and minorities in general from the 27 EU member states.


The survey also shows that 81 percent of the interviewed Muslims say that they do not report such discriminatory acts due to the negative consequences that it might brought. They believed that they might suffer more discrimination with the people and with the police if they report it.


The report survey by the FRA says, "Adequate mechanisms for reporting and recording discrimination and racist crime."


It also said member states should assess whether ethnic profiling by the authorities "Effectively increases the identification of criminal activity or alienates and discriminates against Muslim communities."


Muslim people from different countries who wish to live and work in Europe are thinking twice if they still want to push through their dreams. Europe government should do actions on the ethnic profiling and discrimination amongst Muslims as well as other non Christian and European groups in EU.


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