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Jun 12, 2009
Countries with Best Health Care
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article


Health Care is one of the priority lists of expats who want to move in another country. Does the country offers good health care services?  Does they offer insurance and provide assistance to children and elderly?


To help you find the best country that offers best of among health care services, here ate the list of Top 19 list of Countries with best Health Care by the World Health Organization:


  1. France- The World Health Organization says that France offered the best Health Care services among all nations. France has universal health care system that gives its citizens a free health services.


  1. Italy- Italy hospitals have one of the best hospital facilities around the world. They offer good services to their citizens and give free accommodation to all.


  1. San Marino- San Marino provides one of the best health assistance to its people. They have the best clinics and hospitals that offer free or low costs services to its people.


  1. Andorra- Andorraís citizens has a privilege to get medical ettention fro free through the countries expandable universal health care system. Andorraís health care facilities are also favored among its neighboring country across Europe.


  1. Malta- Malta offers one of the best health care. The government had allotted a lot of budget annually for the expansion and modernization of their hospitals and health service to their people. They get the budget through the tax and the compulsory health insurance.


  1. Singapore- Singapore has a universal health care system where government ensures affordability, largely through compulsory savings and price controls, while the private sector provides most care. Like Malta, the government of Singapore also allotted big budget for their health care services. They also have universal health care system that gives all its citizens the privellege to get medical attention free or in lower cost.


  1. Spain- Residents in Spain who pay Social Security will have free services to any health care units. Tourists or Non-Residents can also take free charges in hospital bills if they obtained the E11 Form.


  1. Oman- Though Oman is located in the Middle, all its medical facilities and establishments can be compared to those in Western Countries.



  1. Austria- Austria is known, among other nation, to have a strong foundation on their health care units and social security system. Austrian medical practitioners are very well respected and highly regarded abroad.


  1.  Japan- Like in France, Japan offered good health service to its citizen. Each citizen is obliged to get insurance in the government that covers the universal health care system of Japan.


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