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Jun 5, 2009
Avoid Travel Mishaps
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Before you board on your plane to your foreign destination, make sure that you are 100% prepared. Do not just settle for the phrase “Come What May’, for you do not know what good or bad thing awaits you once you’ve arrived. So make sure that aside from preparing your personal stuff and legal documents, you should also prepare yourself on what to expect to avoid having travel mishaps and difficulties.


Want a safe and sound travel? Here’s how to avoid travel mishaps and difficulties:


  • Make your own research- Surf the net or asks anyone about their experience living in the country that you will visit. Surf basic FIY’s about the country, such as their culture, policies and traditions. You can also check the country’s mortality rate and the most common minor and major criminal offense. Having such research will give you an idea on how is it living there and how you’re going to deal with its people to avoid having problems.


  • Secure your documents and money- Pickpockets are very common in airports and even in streets especially in Europe. Make sure that you keep your important belongings particularly money and passport in a safe secret pocket. Also, be aware on your belongings some would just grab it behind your back.


  • Keep your authenticity- OFWs who often enter a country in illegal way often faced problems right upon their arrival and keep their real identity to avoid getting into trouble. If you want to enter a country, make sure that your visa and all documents are legal. Immigration will keep on haunting you once they figure out that your illegal.


  • Ensure your name in the immigration- Make sure that your name is registered in the nearest Philippine embassy so that in any case of natural or man made tragedies, the embassy will seek for your safety. The embassy will also serve as the place to go to whenever you face mishaps in that country.


  • Don’t trust fast- Unless you know personally the person, do not give your trust too much. There are some that will offer you a tour of the city or will offer you a place to live in but will turn out to be worst as taking your money and run away.


  • Call for help- Ask for help fast in case of emergency, remember the emergency hotlines encoded at the back of the traveling cards that was given to you and call it in case of trouble.






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