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Jun 19, 2009
City Life in Doha, Qatar
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Doha is the capital of one of the richest country in the Middle East, Qatar. Located in the Persian Gulf; Doha is the city where biggest oil and gas companies situated. It is also a home for expatriates; almost ¼ of the city population were composed of immigrants from Philippines, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Living in Doha

Doha is a great place to live in. It is considered as one of the richest and modern city yet the cost of living here is cheaper compared to other rich cities in the world. Qatar citizens only think about house rents and other basic needs because the electric and water bills are free.


However, compared to other cities in Qatar, you’ll find living in Doha a little highly maintenance. Real estate properties are quite expensive in Doha as well as other properties. Unlike before, the government of Qatar is now allowing expatriates and foreign individuals to purchase real estate in the country.


Working in Doha

Most foreign workers work in either Oil/Construction Company or Medical Industry. Anyone who wish to work in Doha can apply directly (if you already have employer in Doha) or through agency. You can process your application in the nearest immigration offices and in Qatar Embassy.



Doha is an open city. Although the people there are predominantly Muslims, certain religions are highly accepted. However, to show respect, signs and symbols of other churches other than Islam are highly prohibited.


Unlike other Middle Eastern cities, Doha offers fun and leisure to its people. In fact, the only amusement park in the Middle East is situated here, the Aladdin’s Kingdom. People here also love jet skiing, so you’ll find jet skiers in bays at night.



Rich and modern is the term for Doha. Second to Saudi Arabia, Qatar is the largest importer of gas and oil. You can see richness in every corner you look, from high rise buildings to giant skyscrapers. Most Doha citizens get their bread and butter working in oil companies.


In terms of real estate prices, Doha emerged neighbor Dubai, as the most expensive city. Because of its favorable assurance to its citizens and immigrants, no wonder why more and more expatriates are moving in the city.


Transportation and Attractions

Doha has 4 major means of transportation. By air, they have the famous Qatar Airways. They also have bus and taxi for public land transportation and cruise and ferries via the largest ports in the country, Doha Corniche. Although most citizens here own a car, others still prefer to ride public transportation.


For those who are after night life, Doha is not the city for you. Doha does not have night clubs or bars; they only have museum, sports centers, and one amusement center.


Doha is the place to work in, and probably the best among all cities in the Middle East. This marvelous city truly welcomes each traveler and expatriates with wealth, quality of life and chance to experience Doha.


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Written in jittery english and pure tripe propagan - William Wallace
im sorry no night club? of course there are night - Sf
The information provided is very good and helpful. - Jayesh Pradhan
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