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Jun 26, 2009
Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai
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     Abu Dhabi                                           Dubai


Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the seven reigning emirates of the rich country, United Arab Emirates. Both competitive in terms of economy, and both became home of bread and butter for foreign workers.


UAE is a rich country that produces and import oil and gas to other parts of the world. Abu Dhabi and Dubai became its two major cities that turn out to be the source of power and income of UAE.


However, these two cities are battling over power these days. Who is richer and who is leaving far behind? The silent rivalry between these two big cities began when Hydra Properties of Abu Dhabi announced that they have bought the Manchester City football club that seems to be a big plus to Abu Dhabi in terms of economic growth. With this purchase, Dubai seems to be threatened because this would be a treat to the growing tourism and commercial boost of the city. It is said that the purchase of Manchester City football club will invite more British investors and travelers to venture in Abu Dhabi rather than in Dubai.




Dubai is a well-established business district in UAE. It has developed real estate, commercial establishments, international companies, luxurious hotels that made Dubai the richest city in UAE. From a poor city with a limited source of oil, Dubai emerged because of its property that became haven for international and local investors.


However, the increasing amount of properties and cost of living became a burden of the residence, foreign workers and investors in Dubai. Others mentioned that cost of property in Dubai are overpriced compared to the properties in Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE. These problems became the reason why more and more investors seek for other cities in UAE for business expansion.


Abu Dhabi

Rich in oil and now expanding its real estate and commercial industry, Abu Dhabi is now the new favorite city amongst foreign investors. Abu Dhabi and UAE in particular is trying to move away on the shadow of Dubai, they want to established their name on its own and not be associated with the fame of Dubai. On their recent purchase on the Manchester City football club, many believed, even financial experts in Dubai, that this is a great edge for Abu Dhabi. More and more investors will clamor to make investment in Abu Dhabi. More investments mean more jobs to cater to both locals and foreign workers.


However, in terms of employment, both cities offered better opportunities for both local and foreign workers so the battle here is not over who caters more jobs. The battle here would be in terms of power and fame. Although some still prefer to work in Dubai, others want to try their luck to settle for opportunities in Abu Dhabi because of its rising industry.


Which is better, which is not? No one can really determine for all has their own perceptions and standards on which is which. Both cities offered decent jobs and comfort living to their locals and expatriates, which is the most important than the existing feud.



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