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May 22, 2009
27 Big US Companies Hiring Again
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As many companies in US does mass lay-offs due to global recession, top 100 companies announced that they are now hiring new employees. US economy is moving forward from the global recession that hits US last year. Last 2008, 1.5 million jobs was lost and unemployment rate of US increases with 8.5% that lead  its citizens and foreign workers to seek for an alternative just to sustain the high cost of living in the states.


However, people who lost their jobs can now dress up again for success as  Fortune 100 employers are now ready to face millions of job seekers again as they announced “We’re Hiring!” Here are the 27 companies in US that offers job vacancies:


  1. Wal-Mart Stores- With merely a thousand of job vacancies for store and company crews and personnel
  2. Hewlett-Packard- The company is looking for 150 people that will fill their IT and business unit department
  3. Bank of America Corporation- With 1,860 job vacancies.
  4. State Farm Insurance Cos.- 800 job vacancies are up for grabs in this 31st ranked insurance company in US
  5.  WellPoint- Over 1,225 vacancies are offered for medical health specialist, managers, accountants, actuaries and lot more.
  6. Boeing- The Chicago headquarters of Boeing are looking for 2,400 skilled workers who can fill their engineering and business unit departments.
  7. MetLife- MetLife New York is hiring 1,000+ individuals who can work in call center, finance, administrations and human resources.
  8. United Parcel Service- 3,070 jobs are up for grabs in UPS Georgia’s headquarters.
  9. Medco Health Solutions- Over 300 jobs are open for nurses, doctors and other medical specialist.
  10. Lowe’s- A number of 7,900 job vacancies are open for all interested to work at Lowe’s store in North Carolina.
  11. Time Warner- 480 job vacancies in editorial, marketing and creative departments are needed to be filled.
  12. Sears Holdings- Over 500+jobs are needed to be filled at Sears
  13. Supervalu- 180 jobs are up for grabs in corporate and finance department in Supervalu
  14. Johnson Controls- For those who have knowledge in energy efficiency, Johnson controls are hiring 750 personnel.
  15. GMAC- 750 available positions are up to filled in the Detroit headquarters of GMAC.
  16. Comcast- They are hiring 1,000 personnel with skills in customer service.
  17. Northrop Grumman- Over 3,000 jobs open for those ho has knowledge in engineering, information technology and administrative works.
  18. Coca-Cola- 160 job vacancies are open in the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
  19. New York Life Insurance- NYLI has 3,640 job openings for those who has knowledge in banking and finance.
  20. Aetna- Aetna is hiring more customer service representative this time with over 550 personnel.
  21.  Motorola- Motorola are now hiring 520 personnel for the expansion of Motorola Mobile services.
  22. Abbot Laboratories- 260 job vacancies are waiting for those who have skills and knowledge in admin and pharmaceutical works.
  23. General Dynamics- GD will be needed 2,365 personnel to fil with their vacancies.
  24. Prudential Financial- 235 jobseekers are expected to fill the vacancies at Prudential Financials’ IT, Finance and Corporate departments.
  25. Humania- 265 jobs are needed to be filled in Humania.
  26. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group- 500 job openings are open in LMIG
  27. Hospital Corporation of America- 9,000 medical jobs is up for grabs in HCA. They will need nurses, surgeons, medical staffs and doctors.
















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