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Apr 25, 2009
New Zealand Restrict Entrance of Foreign Workers
- Angelica V. Cruz Email this article

New Zealand government is cutting down and putting restrictions on the growing number of foreign workers that enter in their country. The country is suffering from recession, and the development is moving slowly. With this, NZ government wants to ensure that their citizens will get a job and that their employment will not be affected with the recession.


Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman says, “As you’ve got the recession getting worse, New Zealanders are increasingly available. It’s going to be a situation where temporary migrants won’t be having their permits renewed and won’t be getting new permits either, so there won't be new migrants coming in,”


He also expects that Department of Labor will make actions to ensure that fewer foreign workers with “temporary” permits will enter the country to guarantee that their locals will get a job.


However, Minister Coleman clears that they are just turning off the temporary migrant top. He added, “Yeah, it is a tap you can turn on and off, but we’ve got to bear in mind that long-term, New Zealand needs immigration and there are certain skills we will always be short of," he said.


New Zealand clears that they just want to protect their citizens and make sure that they will not get left behind in terms of employment. Each year, 45,000 foreign workers entered the country to work in skilled industry. Most of them usually get temporary permits.


They also added that before an employer approved an application from a foreign worker, the company should first issued a statement or proof that a New Zealander is not fit for the position and that his/her skills is less needed compared to foreign worker.


Neighboring country like Australia also starts implementing restrictions to some foreign workers who works in certain industries. Same as the main reason of New Zealand, they also want to ensure that there are decent jobs allotted to their citizens.


However, Medical related jobs and Engineering jobs remains available for foreign workers. Jobs in food and beverages also needed foreign workers to fill up the growing number of F&B business, cruise and hotels in Australia.

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