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Mar 28, 2009
Work as Police Officer in Vienna, Austria
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The city of Vienna, Austria is recruiting skilled male and female, with migration background to train and create a career in their country as police officers, and ambulance and fireís officers.


Vienna Federal Police, in particular is expanding their unit, with this, they need to build and create highly skilled and motivated police officers. However, the process of application is not easy, applicants will undergo series of interviews, screening, tests that will determine his/her qualifications. Successful applicants may choose or may be deployed in police, fire and emergency departments.




  • Applicants must have migration documents
  • Must have at least background in the law enforcement or worked in fire and emergency units in their respective country.
  • Must hold an authentic Austrian Citizen permit.
  • Applicants should pass the physical fitness examination that Austrian Police Departmentís conduct.
  • A good knowledge in speaking German is a plus
  • Must have strong built


For those applicants who have law enforcement background, thorough screening will be made to determine if your skills and course learned in your previous work will be honored. If your law enforcement background did not match the qualification in Austria, you will be asked to study again under their courses.


The application process is not easy; applicants will undergo series of examinations. However, the long wait says to be worth it because of the salary and benefits that Austria give to their Police and Emergency officers.


There are more non-German/Austrian police who works in Vienna, most of them also came from different cities in and outside Europe. So far, there are 173 hopefuls applying for police officers but the government are still expecting for more applicants.


You can visit nearest Austrian embassy in your country for more information.

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